Monday, 1 October 2007

My Raptuous Heart

This week's Rainbow Dreams task asks how I ... dare to be the raptuous beauty in my heart.

I'm reading Rumi at the moment. And I opened a page on this:

love is my only friend
love was with me before I came into this world
and is with me still
soul is the lazy one on the path of love
love yells and screams:
"come on
hurry up
reach me"

I dare to be the raptuous love in my heart by:

  1. Accepting myself for who I am
  2. Accepting others with no judgement
  3. Being tue to myself and standing in my integrity
  4. Taking care of myself, physically and spiritually


daisies said...

: ) yes yes yes

Carla said...

I just want to say me too. :) Beautiful Rumi poem, beautiful list of dares!