Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sacred Me ~ My Sacred Life Day 18

"I am somebody.
I am me.
I like being me.
And I need nobody
to make me somebody."
Louis L'Amour

Often we spend so much time taking care of all the special people in our lives, we forget that we are somebody special, too.
I am special and you are special and each and every one of us is just as significant and necessary to the world as the next.
It is not until we begin to realise this very important truth, however, that we allow ourselves to recognise what very special somebodies we are.

May you always be aware of your specialness.
Photo of Michelle by Leonie Allan, 2006.


Journey Through Life said...

It's so important isn't it? Tonight, I find myself in a place of having to come back to myself. To take this quiet evening I have and centre. So important.

derick said...

always remember that quality
take care

The Dream said...

You are, indeed, special, Mich. And I am feeling pretty special myself right now. I love this photo of you.