Monday, 15 October 2007

Sacred Guidance ~ My Sacred Life Day 14

I'm starting to explore Isha Lerner's Power of Flower cards.

In case you didn't realise it by now, I'm a huge Isha fan.

It never ceases to amaze me how her cards sing to my soul.

This evening I pulled the Saguaro Cactus...

Ancient knowledge of mystery,
Saguaro's message,
livingWithin this desert tree.
Strong and proud;
loving and true,
My life receives protection from you.

Archetype: Grandfather Wisdom – Time Keeper.
Elders, Timekeepers who carry time within them, understand that archetypal patterns of the sort found in crystals, plants, DNA structures, earth and star formations, light frequencies and sound are imprinted in our dreams, intentions, and Self Knowing, and that they change with the growth and evolution of Earth and all the galaxies.

Grandfather Wisdom patiently watches over the many offspring issuing forth from Grandmother’s Sacred Womb. His walking staff a symbol of direction and stature, he shows us the way into our own liberating authority, while teaching us important lessons about patience and intention.

Signature: A slow-growing, mighty plant with tremendous stature and authority. At approx. 120 years of age, it begins to produce flowers. The mature plant has a root system capable of holding up to 200 gallons of water – enough to sustain it for an entire year!

Healing Properties: Saguaro Cactus can help individuals align vertically to a higher order of personal authority and integrity. Father issues are eased and it is especially helpful for those who have lost a father at an early age or experienced paternal abandonment at or before birth.

Healing: The Saguaro Cactus is a powerful healing presence. Its stature and dignity symbolize the shift you are undergoing in relation to your own personal power.

The masculine principle within your psyche is rebalancing at this time, and you will find yourself able to receive Grandfathers Wisdom's sacred knowledge, which resides within your heart, just as it lives at the center of this proud, majestic plant.

The folks of Grandfather's garment reach out to protect your Earth Walk; his drum and walking stick are visible to the external world for they are essential gifts he brings to the journey.

Drumming puts us in sync with the rhythms of the cosmos, while the walking stick is a symbol of stamina and purpose.

You may wish to join a drumming circle at this time, or journey through the mountains and valleys of your homeland, exploring the very nature of your own authority and will power.

A tremendous amount of life force is available you now, for, like the Saguaro Cactus, you are able to sustain your power over long periods of time. Time is your ally.

Be patient and let the wisdom of your ancestral lineage guide you onward.


Bohemian Mom said...

Oooo..I like this. It makes me feel all warm and safe.
Stamina and purpose...yep, I need that badly these days.

Jane said...

I love the image of this card and can only imagine how lovely and sacred the rest are. Yeah, I'm with Boho here.....stamina and purpose are something I need lots of these days.

Sacred Suzie said...

I think we need to be reminded of the positive, healing and loving energy that can come from male archetypes, thank you for this!

Carwyn said...

Just dropped and wanted to compliment you on a wonderful blog! I'll definitely be back... :-)