Friday, 5 October 2007

Sacred Dance ~ My Sacred Life Day 8

Everyone wants to be more radian, passionate and healthy! Eastern philosophies accept that vibrant chakra health is the key to all these desires and more -- and this book shows ou how the seven chakras can be tuned through Chakradance.

Music and dance have bee used throughout the ages for enjoyment and ceremony. Chakradance utilises our natural desire for movement to balance the energy centres. The result is an enjoyable method of fine-tuning your mind, body and soul.

Energy is a dynamic life force that begins with movement. Natalie and Douglas have discovered the ultimate way to build your energy levels through Chakradance and to generate the momentum that will bring your seven chakras into balance.

Chakradance offers greater well-being and harmony. Its completely stress-free, dynamic and lots of fun.


miss*R said...

I love chakradance! I bought the CD over a year or so ago and listen to it quite often.. it balances the chakras even if you don't dance :)
I also have attended some workshops - they are sensational!