Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Turning a corner

Hello my friends

As you've probably guessed by now, a lot of things have been happening in my life.

I have grown in so many ways, and have turned a new corner in my search for infinite bliss.

So I have decided to create a new blog to witness and honour this part of my journey.

If you'd like to keep me company along the way visit http://michellechant.wordpress.com/ and leave me a message.

With much love and many blissings,

Life, the universe and everything else that fits into the kitchen sink

Wow, its been such a long, long time since I visited here.

Its been such a busy year ... getting Chakradance off the ground and starting a new job ... my life has been one big whirlwind. Suffice to say I'm a little on the exhausted side.

I'm off sick at the moment ... I thought I just had bronchitis, but in fact I have tracheitis, which is no fun, and apparently very contagious - joy!

But let me tell you about me year so far.

I started teaching Chakradance at the beginning of this year. I've now completed 2 nine week cycles and two three hour workshops, and I'm getting wonderful feedback. I love this type of work, its so fulfilling to assist people on such an amazing journey! I feel as though I'm growing ...

I was supposed to start teaching another class last night, however I postponed due to the fact that I didn't think the class would appreciate a practioner that was 'barking like a dog' ... what a way to meditate!

In March I started working with the Treasury, and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the work and the people. I'm growing professionally which wasn't happening for the past two years.

Oh, and I've met a guy ... quite cute really. I met him at an open day for the college (where I teach). He's asked me out, but of course I've been ill and have been unable to go, however he calls me every day to check on me and see how I am. Its really nice to have met someone like that.

So, that's been my world so far this year. What have you been up to?