Saturday, 30 June 2007

Full Moon in Capricorn 8° 25'

If you feel like you are pushing a huge boulder up a steep hill on this Full Moon in Capricorn, blame it on retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron.


Well, what other Full Moon could face this kind of struggle by shrugging its shoulders, and saying, "So what else is new?"

Thank you Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, the great teacher of how to handle hardship, struggle and reality, with commitment, follow-through and guts.

So though this is the Full Moon to celebrate goals and achievement, with this kind of planetary resistance to moving forward, we can also celebrate small steps, realistic goal-setting, and being successful when faced with tremendous limitations.

Going forward has its right time and right place.

This is the night to look within, connect with one's own sense of proper timing and trust the wisdom that arises from this kind of inquiry. Remember retrograde planets are ideal for inner work; especially retrograde Mercury.

When the Moon is full in Capricorn, the Sun is in Cancer, the sign that rules emotional connectedness, nurturance, compassion, and personal expressions of love. Because the Moon rules Cancer, when the Moon is posited in Capricorn (the sign opposite its natural zodiacal energy) this makes for a special energetic symbiosis between the Sun and Moon.

Only at this time of year, can the Moon fully infuse the restrictive, withholding, structured, serious energy of Capricorn with its natural, energetic Cancerian open, flowing love and compassion. This is especially true with Mercury (mind) in Cancer (heart) conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon.

This is a celebration to enliven compassion for ourselves, especially in our toughest times.

So use your ritual to bring compassion to bear upon your most critical, negative images and thoughts about yourself. Self-love is not a concept; it is active, and takes energy and time to develop.

This Full Moon in Capricorn calls upon each of us to find the appropriate structures to express love and connectedness in our lives. This is especially true when love is not our first response, or is drowned out by pain, fear and hatred (the domain of Capricorn/Saturn). Where Cancer feels almost childlike in its attachment to direct experience of emotive love, Capricorn knows that sacrifice and personal responsibility are the building blocks of true love, and realises this goal with a special grace and maturity.

This is the Full Moon of tough love, facing the reality of love lost or denied. Don't underestimate the depth of understanding that a Capricorn Moon brings to the table, especially with all these retrograde planets. This is a huge invitation to look with depth at the suffering you create around love; Venus in Leo, the drama king/queen makes this Full Moon particularly suited for releasing our attachment to emotional wounding as a way to get love and attention.

Use this Full Moon as a test of how selfless and openhearted you can be. Mercury and Sun in Cancer and Venus in Leo can make us all ultra-sensitive, teary-eyed and touchy. So do some self-care. Make sure to be in the company of people you feel good about and trust. The level of sentimentality will be high on this day.

Saturn/Capricorn forces us to come to terms with fear. I don't know about you, but I am so tired of fear mongering and war mongering. The old ways (Capricorn) steeped in solutions that arise from fear and war will not work. They are what got us here and will never lead to freedom from fear. The Full Moon in Capricorn is the one night of the year when we can truly see our fear for what it is: a distinct inability to transcend the human-made irrational divisions of race, religion, nationality, and gender. There is no separateness, only love. All matter is made of love and therefore can only be love at its most basic, as well its highest expression.

We need to create societal and governmental structures that solve these problems from a core belief in love and connectedness.

This will of course require a complete shift in human consciousness. We must move away from identification with the small egoic, self, mired in the ignorance of separateness, to the full experience of the unbounded, transcendent divine Self, realising love as the true nature of all existent life. When we change the Self, we change everything.

Do you think this goal is unrealistic? Not on this Full Moon. This is the Full Moon of hard work and accepting one's personal responsibility to heal the suffering of others. Did you know that most of the great spiritual teachers were born under the Sun sign of Capricorn? Why? To change human consciousness requires a Herculean commitment to achievement no matter how hard or how long the road. This is Capricorn at its best.

Take responsibility for your own healing.

This is the night to reach deep into your well of strength and decide that achieving your own inner peace is the only goal worth attaining at this moment in our human evolution. This Full Moon simultaneously uncovers our fear and reflects the solution to our fear: acting only from love, compassion, and doing the hard work of relieving the suffering of all sentient beings by achieving enlightenment and inner peace.

This is a very powerful and serious Full Moon-don't waste it!

Discovering my true self

This week's Rainbow Dreams challenge was a difficult one for me ... I often like to hide my true self, because I fear rejection. So why do I fear the following questions? Because they make me look deep into my soul, and lay my soul bare for all to see.

  1. What does your original face look like?
    I am a Priestess of Atlantis, surrounded by mermaid and goddess energy. I am a healer, full of compassion for the world.

    Pure in spirit I wear a ceremonial robe representing spiritual power beyond my personal identity. Initiation into the Sanctuary of Atlantis requires that I engage with the watery depths of the dark waters of the unconscious. Out of the unconscious, the conscious world is born.

  2. Who is your true self?
    I know I am a healer. I am a talented writer. I have a lot to give to the world. I am working to become a life coach

    The Priestess becomes reactivated when I choose to follow the path of inner teachings and open mysteries of the Sanctuary within. Pilgrimages to Her holy sanctuaries will help me reconnect with the spiritual resources of the Priestess.

    I listen with a cosmic ear. See the world with my eyes closed. Meditation, prayer, chanting, or any form of stillness will brings me into union with higher aspects of my own being, in body, soul, and spirit, as well as into a conscious relationship with the profundity of daily life.

  3. Are you radiant and glowing?
    The Priestess archetype is available to me at all times. When an important decision needs to be made, it is the divine wisdom within that helps me align to right action. It is the way I walk my life each day that matters most. Everyday life is sacred. As much as possible, I try introduce a mood of inner quiet into daily life, looking beyond impressions, feelings, and impulses of external reality to cultivate my own higher potentials.

Viva BrisVegas

I was recently in Brisbane on business, and had a good time! I was up there with a group of colleagues. Here I am at Cha Cha Char with Kaylia, one of my gal pals, and a good colleague at work ...
And oh the views! We were staying at serviced apartments, and I had the most spectacular views ... see below.

Sometimes I feel really blessed, I get to travel to some amazing locations ... and while some would say Brisbane is just another city, I believe it has a beauty all of its own!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Rainbow Dreams

Each Monday, I'll post a challenge or exercise in Rainbow Dreams, our virtual circle.

Check out the latest challenge in Rainbow Dreams ~ Discovering your true self.

I'd also like to guage interest in who'd like to participate in a 21 day challenge. This will be conducted in the Rainbow Dreams Blog, and if we go ahead, we'll start next Monday.

Ok so here's my challenge...

Gayla Maxwell has developed a 21 day e-COREse which she offers for free through her website. I've done this course and it changed my life!

In order to produce sustainable and positive changes in your life you must create neurological pathways in your brain that are 'ingrained'. In other words, at least a small amount of daily focus is essential in order to generate the life you desire at your CORE!

Just imagine what your life would be like if you were living on purpose -- the real possibilities of a life of security, happiness, financial and personal independence, and perhaps the most important of all, life fulfillment.

Think about it ...

What if you could live every day of your life on purpose -- naturally motivated and with passion?

Imagine what your life would be like if you were feeling the following each and every day:
  • excited about the mystery that is unfolding today
  • looking forward to the opportunities that lay in each moment
  • a greater connection to the place within you that knows unlimited clam and joy
  • a greater level of awareness -- minus the critique!
  • even more clarity
  • a sense of living in your natural flow
  • having a positive sense of direction and purpose

Gayla is offering this course for a limited time free - if this is something you'd like to do, sign-up here.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

A lazy Sunday

I had some unexpected visitors this afternoon. Two gorgeous and very vocal white cockatoos ...

They didn't stay long in the tree though, it wasn't long before they flew down to the fence ...

And incredibly, they allowed me to get closer ...

... and closer

and even closer!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Flight of fantasy

Passion take the wind

And break me from this tie

I am mortal on this earth

A goddess in the sky

I haven't got a clue

Not a single thing

But what I gave to you

Was all that I could bring

I gave you all my time

Which is everything to me

It is my only crime

This flight of fantasy

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Deep Winter Affirmation Prayer

The year ends in darkness, with absence of light
Days shortened and shadow enshrouded
Long, still, ebony hours of night
Silent and dimly cold clouded

Yet, the voice of a dream affirms meaning in night
With purpose the darkness is rife
It whispers the chill, stark absence of light
Is a metaphor searching for life

In the deep cold of winter, in the length of the night
Nine candles glow bright from afar
The sun returns with brief bright Solstice light
Earth is lit by the hope of one star

Each soul, as the seasons, turns like a wheel
A sacred cycle each of us make
When things seem the darkest, the circles reveal
That the light may be ready to break

And so we believe that the darkness will end
That a warm wind will swallow the cold
That the world will be something we can comprehend
As the seasons expand and unfold

Once a heart understands the nature of change
It is free to wait for the dawn
To know warmth is not rare, affection not strange
In total darkness; the light is not gone

The heart speaks a promise the mind cannot break
That there is nothing that cannot be mended
Never a nightmare from which you can't wake
Nor a hurt that cannot be transcended

Darkness can be washed away by the light
Disillusion by laughter undone
Depression can be replaced by delight
Despair bleached to hope by the sun

Even bone-cracking winter ends with new birth
As the world is rekindled with green
There isn't a stain on the heart or the earth
That cannot be finally washed clean

Though our world is still threatened by darkness and pain
And we sometimes feel frightened and small
The light is still stronger, it's strength will remain
And love is the strongest of all
Edwina Peterson Cross ©December 2002

Winter Solstice

As I prepare to celebrate the Winter Solstice in Australia, my friends in the northern hemisphere will be celebrating the Summer Solstice; perfect opposites, our worlds turning beautifully back-to-back, like two sides of a coin.

As their days begin to close to darkness, ours begin to open to light and visa-versa.

Darkness is, of course, merely the other side of light; without darkness there would be no light as without light there would be no darkness; and our world is balanced really splendidly right between.

It is incredible to feel the beauty and balance of this dance.

Gaia is one fantastic choreographer!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Virtual Women's Circle

Rainbow Dreams is a virtual circle, which will post each Monday.

It is a space to gather, and connect with other women who are blogging their thoughts and feelings, struggles and revelations as we journey on the path of our individual spiritual journeys.

I extend the invitation to anyone who would like to join us ... you'll find the latest post here.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

A glimpse into my world

Here's a glimpse into my world ~ here's the view from my back fence ....
... and here's some of the local wildlife ...
... my fur baby, Trinity ...

... one of Trinity's friends who comes to play with her regularly ...
my altar ....

Thursday, 14 June 2007

New Moon in Gemini 23º 41'

My friend Dana sent me this today, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Thursday, June 14, 2007 8:13pm PDT (USA)
Friday, June 15, 2007 1:13pm AEST (OZ)
©2007 Lisa Dale Miller

We are what we think.
All that we are, arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
Speak or act with a pure mind, and happiness will follow you.
As your shadow, unshakeable.
How can a troubled mind understand the way?
Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.
But once mastered, No one can help you as much,
Not even your father or your mother.
(from the Dhammapada, translated by Thomas Byron)

Gemini rules information: its gathering and dispensation. Gemini represents knowledge of the material, relative plane of existence, which is made up of binary information bits; a digital landscape of 0's and 1's.
Gemini rules the mind and our thought processes.
This is the New Moon for all of us to reclaim our mental space; to set limits on what gets our attention, and to carefully examine how our current diet of information is affecting our lives.
As you may have noticed, our world is suffering from a bad case of close-mindedness fueled by fear. Concurrently, we are also suffering from information overload. Our lives have become a roller coaster of good news one day, bad news the next and a constant need to deal with the ensuing manic reactions that follow both extremes.
On this New Moon we can work toward opening the mind to a diverse range of ideas, while maintaining a self, rooted in calm heartfulness (Mercury in Cancer). With Sun/Moon in Gemini, and Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Chiron moving retrograde, our awareness should be inner-directed and focused on the connection between the transcendent and the intellect.
It should become evident that the quality and depth of our thoughts depends largely upon how close their source is to the transcendent.
Moon in Gemini quickens the pace with which we feel/intuit, and Mercury in Cancer connects us to all things, thereby opening us to a wider circle of knowledge.
Gemini's symbol is the twins, but they are not identical; they represent the broad spectrum of experience and therefore oppose one another. However, since they arise from the same source, at their core, they are the identical. That which appears different on the surface, is sourced in a fundamental sameness.
Gemini, with its love of communication, makes this New Moon a good one to work on opening up around areas of our lives that have been mired in conflict and misunderstanding. The Sun/Moon opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius makes this the right time to question and transform old beliefs about identity and relationality. We can talk about it. We can find the right words. We can be inspired to open up to others without fear of reprisal. We can relax and let our words be a force for healing.
The fire grand trine formed by Pluto, Saturn, and Mars will add a sense of excitement and personal desire for transformation. This grand trine will create an atmosphere of creative intensity, which will be wonderful for artists, writers, and musicians.
Gemini is best symbolised by flexibility, changeability, and adaptation, and this is the New Moon to cultivate these qualities and incorporate them into our daily lives. When strong winds and hard rains come, the supple trees bend and sway with the each gust. It is only the hardened, stiff trees that break and fall.
When we harden our hearts and minds, plant our feet and become immovable, we set ourselves up for failure. To survive the gusts of hatred and fear, we must open our minds and create useful dialogue. Fear makes us stiffen up and go rigid.
As you know, all New Moons are a time to initiate new goals, ideas, and desires. Mercury, Gemini's ruler, shows itself in our thoughts, ideas, and our ability to learn. Gemini rules the gathering of knowledge, an inherently open-systems process, that requires us to reach far and wide to get as much data as possible, even opening our minds to perspectives we might normally dismiss.
If you are in a researching phase, this is the time to get help and gather as much information as you can about new endeavors. The New Moon in Gemini calls on each of us to open up, talk about it (whatever it is), and open ourselves to feedback.
This is the New Moon to work on your communication skills. Learning how to communicate effectively creates successful relationships: especially with Mercury in Cancer and Venus/Saturn in Leo and Mars in Aries, opening to new avenues for communication of one's desires is possible. Just be sure to not get mired in drama or anger.
Open yourself to the perspective of the other. What harm would it do if you chose to see the other side or walked a mile in someone else's shoes? We must all find a way to talk through our disagreements. Walking away in anger never solves anything. Learn to recognise your anger: stop, stay, be quiet, and then speak from a calm rationality and not from the rage.
This is the right New Moon to communicate your wishes, dreams and desires to those who can aid your progress. The truth is, no one does it completely alone and learning to ask for help at the right time is one of life's hardest lessons. Over the next two weeks as the Moon waxes to fullness, try to really hear what those around you have to say about your wishes, and take their advice to heart.
Honest and clear communication is a two-way street and the best way to achieve a successful outcome for all.
Of course for those of you who make your living in the communications/publishing field, this is the best time to initiate new projects in film, video, TV, publishing, and writing.
Deal with your fear and just get the work out there!
One last thing, Gemini rules change. This is the best night to work on managing your fear of change. Everything changes; it is the nature of Maya, the field of relativity. When we ride the changes and make surfing the waves of change a vehicle for success, we actualise the highest expression of Gemini.
This is the New Moon to celebrate the power knowledge holds to broaden our perspective and open our minds!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


I've been tagged by Annie ~ so here are eight random things about me:

  1. I love to be surrounded by beauty

  2. My step-mother is a medium

  3. I grew up being the oldest of two kids, and eight years ago became the second youngest of six

  4. I am a ChakraDance instructor

  5. I run goddess workshops

  6. I crave the perfect relationship, yet am terrified of commitment

  7. I was a priestess of Atlantis in a past life

  8. I love my fur baby ~ Trinity

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!

Hues of Winter

My feet crunch over the white icy grass

Jack Frost nips at my heels

The lake so still, its reflection like glass

So cold the fishermen abandon their reels.

A thick fog blankets the lake

The final leaves gracefully fall

A carpet of amber and gold begs for the rake

Naked limbs stand proud and tall.

Nature celebrates the season

In hues of silver, amber, and gold

My friends are excited for good reason

... snow season, so I'm told.

The sun sets slowly behind a hill

Shades of pink, blue and silver streak the sky

The haunting call of the water fowl shrill

The hues of Winter passing by.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Virtual Women's Circle | Soul Work | Creating your bliss

I believe we've developed a kind of online women's circle. We certainly meet all the criteria: we share our hopes and dreams; we support each other; we cry and laugh with each other. Without even trying, we have created a virtual women's circle.

So, I'm setting some soul work for all of you who care to join in ...

Read the post below and answer the two following questions:

  1. What in your life is being built?

  2. What inner vision do you carry?

  3. What must you do in order to accomplish your true goals?

Publish your answers in your blog and then post a link to your post in the comments page to this blog.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Creating my bliss

I was watching The Secret this afternoon, and decided to pull one of my Inner Child Cards.

It is important to discover the center of gravity within the soul, that magical core that draws forth creative will.

This empowerment helps us build the world according to our deepest values and guiding principles.

Personal responsibility and constructive actions are beginning steps toward the foundation of a beautiful life for ourselves and others.

The gnome children portrayed in this card are busily creating a home with various tools and a cooperative spirit.

The foundation for this house is an apple tree, signifying the Tree of Life.

In Greek myth, the apple tree is a symbol of abundance.

A new consciousness is being built.

In Thailand, many people creating houses construct replicas of those structures, to be inhabited by spirits. These miniature models are called houses of spirits.

This ancient practice welcomes guardian angels into the households and fashions talismans for the overlighting power of universal love and truth.

From the awareness achieved with this practice, family members can develop inner strength and reverence for all life.

These gnomes are very focused. Their work is taken seriously. They hold a vision that they are in a process of manifesting.

The card asked me two questions:

  1. What in your life is being built?
  2. What inner vision do you carry?
Whatever it may be, concentration, responsibility, devotion, and diligence are the four corners I must construct in order to accomplish my true goals.

So, my answers to these questions are:

1. What in your life is being built?

I am building myself a new life. I am moving towards a career change - to work with people to help them achieve their dreams. By helping others create their world, I create mine. My new life brings abundance: abundance in health, wealth, well-being, love ...

2. What inner-vision do you carry?

I am a successful life coach, specialising on work/life balance and well-being. I help people reconnect with the sacredness of life, with the sacredness of being them. Spirituality is very important to me. I live in a beautiful home which I own. I own a coastal retreat where I hold workshops and retreats. I am a successful and published author and travel the world running my workshops and speaking at conferences. I am a humanitarian, working to empower women around the world. I have a successful life in love as well, with a man who loves, respects and supports me, and I he.

Why don't you answer these two questions yourself ...
  1. What in your life is being built?
  2. What inner vision do you carry?

Friday, 8 June 2007

Manifesting your divine potential

Beneath the surface of our daily lives, we are always asking the question, “Who am I, really, and where is my true home?”

The answer to this question is so utterly obvious, so beautiful, so ordinary, and yet so profound, that like the nose on our face, we have a hard time seeing it.

Because of our own self-imposed limitations, the answer to this mystery can only be revealed little by little, as if a great veil were being lifted inch by inch, until the truth is completely exposed.

Yet, we are destined to receive this knowledge.

The alchemical movement toward purity and perfection which is our birthright as spiritual/material being ushers us ever closer to the truth of who we really are and where we belong.

Ancient alchemists believed that the natural world taught that in order to relate properly to nature, one must follow the “truth of imagination.”

From the word, imagination, we find the word “image” which is the manifestation of our physical form and body identity.

The image we carry of our self within our mind and heart carries the power to bridge our highest ideals into our everyday practical life.

On the other hand, attachment to a poor image of self-condemnation and suffering carries the potential to destroy our right to joy and abundance.

Which do we choose?

Practicing the laws of “visualisation” is not unlike the practice of meditation, where the seeker opens oneself to channels of higher guidance and inspiration.

Ideally, we are given the opportunity to walk through the gardens and forests of the earth with astute concentration and attunement, opening our opportunity to the light of healing and service, each and every day.

As the veil is lifted, the truth is revealed: we are each of us the High Priestess; our bodies are her temple.

We were present at the birth of this universe and, beyond that, at the death of the one that came before.

We heard the first sound vibration and the first spoken words.

We birthed chaos into form and became known as the Empress, Sophia, Mother of the World, whose love and wisdom opened the gates to the heart of wholeness. We are Anima Christi, the feminine face of God. We are the Black Madonna, unafraid of the dark, watery womblike spaces. We are Tara, the first fully enlightened female Buddha, and Goddess of the Lotus, also known, in the Chinese context, as Quan Yin. We are Isis who holds alchemical secrets concerning the evolution and destiny of the human race.

We learn through the alchemy and, in our quest for wholeness, that knowledge has the potential to lead us toward our own perfection rather than away from it.

The choice is always ours to make. What we do with our spiritual knowledge and wisdom is up to us.

We are all made in the image of The Divine.

Likewise, nature is the Divine Mother, the vessel of life which contains our origins.

Our bodies are but temporal imprints of this splendor, cast into form by the design of infinite possibilities and magnificence.

It is your birthright to be a part of the grand plan of mastery and personal fulfillment.

Dare to open your mind and heart to the deep ocean of love that pours forth on all beings from the Loving Mother of the World’s “cup of golden light.”


The grand and dramatic salute pictured in this card is a tribute to the active force of the mind that has found unity and success.

Each child holds a cup, representing the heart, and a sword, representing the mind force.

The destination has been reached, and the search for new clarity is complete.

There is focus and a unified vision.

There is responsibility, loyalty, and friendship.

At this level of exalted awareness the individual has merged with their ideal of community.

From this union, the mission to serve the planets is possible.

The heightened mind, symbolised by the swords, is infused with light.

The mind is brilliant and full triumph.

I have reached a pinnacle.

Foresight and inspiration have embraced my mind, and it is as if warm sunlight is evaporating the waters of negative thinking and fear.


I sit up straight, close my eyes, and let the light of the solar fire become an elixir of wisdom.

A golden aura of divine protection surrounds me.

Now is the time to serve humanity with clear vision.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

A gateway to new awareness

I'm enjoying exploring my inner-child cards again.

I pulled a card this evening to give me guidance in my meditation ~ and I drew the nine of wands ~ oh how I love these cards ....

There are times in life when we are shown the gateway to new awareness that is beyond our current boundaries or resistance.

This new awareness offers another view of the world that can recapture, or open us to, the magical garden wisdom that lives within us.

It is there that we may learn to master our abilities and gifts.

When the fairy on this card is ready to open the garden gate, she will discover a world of herbs, flowers, and trees that await her arrival.

They will revitalise and heal her. There is an abundance of energy available to her.

The butterflies on the gatepost are the aspects of her soul that are ready for metamorphosis.

She hears the garden calling, and so she peeks.

This is a wondrous time in your life when you may be exploring the secret passages of your spirit or completing an important evolutionary cycle.

There is a rich and flowering place within you.

You must journey there.

Close your eyes and envision yourself entering the colorful and fragrant gardens of your mind and heart.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

All aboard!

I found this clip when visiting Anita, the Chakra Goddess' blog ...

Doesn't this clip (in support of a campaign for an international human rights organisation that promotes values of dignity, equality and justice) make you want to take life by the short-n-curlies, climb aboard a bus full of goddess sisters, and DANCE?!


Monday, 4 June 2007

Bliss Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source
/blɪs/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[blis] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: wedded bliss.
2. Theology. the joy of heaven.
3. heaven; paradise: the road to eternal bliss.
4. Archaic. a cause of great joy or happiness. —Idiom
5. Slang. bliss out,
a. to experience bliss or euphoria: Just give them some bean sprouts and a little tofu and they bliss out.
b. to cause to become blissful or euphoric: a recording guaranteed to bliss out every Mozart fan. Unabridged (v 1.1)Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

It was my first day back at work today, and I feel blessed. Not because I love my job and that I was glad to be back. Rather it was just the opposite. Within 10 minutes of walking in I heard myself saying, "I just don't want to be here anymore."

Then I cried.

I finally let go of a job that no longer serves me, it was a moment of mourning. For years, this job has been my identity -- an integral part of who I was.

No longer.

Tonight during my meditation, I invoked the goddesses: Kali for grounding; Pele for empowerment; Kwan Yin for love; and Athena for communication.

Through Kwan Yin I sent love and light to those who have wronged me, and I forgave them.
I asked Kali to keep me grounded during this time of turmoil, and invoked Pele to keep my self-esteem strong and true. And of course Athena to help me speak my truth with integrity and love.

During my ChakraDance practice tonight, I experienced a sense of bliss whilst dancing the heart and crown chakras. I felt a smile creep across my face as I danced with the goddess.

Through regular prayer, meditation, and visualisation—the human body begins to transform into a being of Infinite Bliss. The organs are strengthened and new levels of perception are awakened. The preconditions necessary to attain true peace and freedom have been fulfilled.

Remember you encounter the Great Bliss Queen in your life when you are fully present and alive in the world of form, while fully immersed in your flaming wisdom bliss. Once you have awakened to your own blissful nature, you encounter the Great Bliss Queen everywhere. There is no place She is not. She is All. All is Bliss.

Friday, 1 June 2007

I believe in miracles

I pulled a card for myself from the Inner Child Cards. And I pulled the Nine of Hearts: this is my reading ...

A well, vessel, or cauldron can hold sacred waters for rituals, blessings, purifications, and healings. Water is the essence of all life.

The answer to the question of whether the cup is half full or half empty depends on how life is being viewed at a given moment.

This question is being asked of you now. Along with this question, you may be granted a wish.

In the traditional tarot, the Nine of Hearts is often considered the wish card. Your wish should reflect what you feel you deserve in life, where your heart is, and how much you love yourself.

Wishing is a way to observe how well you are seeking your individual fulfillment. Can you accept a happy life?

This is not an easy question to answer, and much care should go into this inquiry. Sometimes wounds of the past must be healed before you can grow into your wish. Forgiveness of self and others is one step toward greater fulfillment.

The mermaid in this card is holding her vessel toward the waterfall to be filled. She has reached a point of acceptance in her life and is ready to have her cup run over.

Hold your own cup high toward the waters of life and dare to fill it completely. Imagine the possibility of unlimited love, joy, and wisdom pouring into your heart.

This may be it time for spiritual initiation or purification in your life.

Believe in miracles, and follow your dreams.