Saturday, 23 June 2007

Flight of fantasy

Passion take the wind

And break me from this tie

I am mortal on this earth

A goddess in the sky

I haven't got a clue

Not a single thing

But what I gave to you

Was all that I could bring

I gave you all my time

Which is everything to me

It is my only crime

This flight of fantasy


JourneyThroughLIfe said...

What an INCREDIBLE picture! Wow.
And a great poem to go with it. Thanks so much for sharing.

welcome to my universe said...

This is really cool - it would make a good rock song!

mich said...

You know, it might be.

I'm not sure, but these words have been flying around in my head for years, so I finally put them down.

Its very representative of a past relationship I was in, and all of a sudden he's reappeared ... I guess that's why it reasonates so strongly with me at the moment.

Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful Mich, the poem really took me to the sky, thank you! I LOVE the sky!

daisies said...

oh wow ~ that photo is glorious and your words here leave me breathless ...