Saturday, 9 June 2007

Creating my bliss

I was watching The Secret this afternoon, and decided to pull one of my Inner Child Cards.

It is important to discover the center of gravity within the soul, that magical core that draws forth creative will.

This empowerment helps us build the world according to our deepest values and guiding principles.

Personal responsibility and constructive actions are beginning steps toward the foundation of a beautiful life for ourselves and others.

The gnome children portrayed in this card are busily creating a home with various tools and a cooperative spirit.

The foundation for this house is an apple tree, signifying the Tree of Life.

In Greek myth, the apple tree is a symbol of abundance.

A new consciousness is being built.

In Thailand, many people creating houses construct replicas of those structures, to be inhabited by spirits. These miniature models are called houses of spirits.

This ancient practice welcomes guardian angels into the households and fashions talismans for the overlighting power of universal love and truth.

From the awareness achieved with this practice, family members can develop inner strength and reverence for all life.

These gnomes are very focused. Their work is taken seriously. They hold a vision that they are in a process of manifesting.

The card asked me two questions:

  1. What in your life is being built?
  2. What inner vision do you carry?
Whatever it may be, concentration, responsibility, devotion, and diligence are the four corners I must construct in order to accomplish my true goals.

So, my answers to these questions are:

1. What in your life is being built?

I am building myself a new life. I am moving towards a career change - to work with people to help them achieve their dreams. By helping others create their world, I create mine. My new life brings abundance: abundance in health, wealth, well-being, love ...

2. What inner-vision do you carry?

I am a successful life coach, specialising on work/life balance and well-being. I help people reconnect with the sacredness of life, with the sacredness of being them. Spirituality is very important to me. I live in a beautiful home which I own. I own a coastal retreat where I hold workshops and retreats. I am a successful and published author and travel the world running my workshops and speaking at conferences. I am a humanitarian, working to empower women around the world. I have a successful life in love as well, with a man who loves, respects and supports me, and I he.

Why don't you answer these two questions yourself ...
  1. What in your life is being built?
  2. What inner vision do you carry?


TurtleHeart said...

"By helping others create their world, I create mine." Love this sentence!!