Thursday, 21 June 2007

Winter Solstice

As I prepare to celebrate the Winter Solstice in Australia, my friends in the northern hemisphere will be celebrating the Summer Solstice; perfect opposites, our worlds turning beautifully back-to-back, like two sides of a coin.

As their days begin to close to darkness, ours begin to open to light and visa-versa.

Darkness is, of course, merely the other side of light; without darkness there would be no light as without light there would be no darkness; and our world is balanced really splendidly right between.

It is incredible to feel the beauty and balance of this dance.

Gaia is one fantastic choreographer!


Bohemian Mom said...

ooooo...perfect picture for today!!
I shall have fun staying up later with the daylight!

Sacred Suzie said...

It is amazing that you will be entering the winter solstice today, that life on the same planet can be totally opposite. Nature is such an amazing creator! Have a wonder winter solstice my friend.

daisies said...

beautiful and yes gaia is one fantastic choreographer :) i love the oppositions of beauty she creates ... have a wonderful winter solstice as i celebrate the light of our summer :)

JourneyThroughLIfe said...

This picture is even better! I am mesmerised by it. And I am also very grateful that our days will begin to get longer again! Yea!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your painting! thank you for posting it!
Happy Solstice!