Friday, 8 June 2007

Manifesting your divine potential

Beneath the surface of our daily lives, we are always asking the question, “Who am I, really, and where is my true home?”

The answer to this question is so utterly obvious, so beautiful, so ordinary, and yet so profound, that like the nose on our face, we have a hard time seeing it.

Because of our own self-imposed limitations, the answer to this mystery can only be revealed little by little, as if a great veil were being lifted inch by inch, until the truth is completely exposed.

Yet, we are destined to receive this knowledge.

The alchemical movement toward purity and perfection which is our birthright as spiritual/material being ushers us ever closer to the truth of who we really are and where we belong.

Ancient alchemists believed that the natural world taught that in order to relate properly to nature, one must follow the “truth of imagination.”

From the word, imagination, we find the word “image” which is the manifestation of our physical form and body identity.

The image we carry of our self within our mind and heart carries the power to bridge our highest ideals into our everyday practical life.

On the other hand, attachment to a poor image of self-condemnation and suffering carries the potential to destroy our right to joy and abundance.

Which do we choose?

Practicing the laws of “visualisation” is not unlike the practice of meditation, where the seeker opens oneself to channels of higher guidance and inspiration.

Ideally, we are given the opportunity to walk through the gardens and forests of the earth with astute concentration and attunement, opening our opportunity to the light of healing and service, each and every day.

As the veil is lifted, the truth is revealed: we are each of us the High Priestess; our bodies are her temple.

We were present at the birth of this universe and, beyond that, at the death of the one that came before.

We heard the first sound vibration and the first spoken words.

We birthed chaos into form and became known as the Empress, Sophia, Mother of the World, whose love and wisdom opened the gates to the heart of wholeness. We are Anima Christi, the feminine face of God. We are the Black Madonna, unafraid of the dark, watery womblike spaces. We are Tara, the first fully enlightened female Buddha, and Goddess of the Lotus, also known, in the Chinese context, as Quan Yin. We are Isis who holds alchemical secrets concerning the evolution and destiny of the human race.

We learn through the alchemy and, in our quest for wholeness, that knowledge has the potential to lead us toward our own perfection rather than away from it.

The choice is always ours to make. What we do with our spiritual knowledge and wisdom is up to us.

We are all made in the image of The Divine.

Likewise, nature is the Divine Mother, the vessel of life which contains our origins.

Our bodies are but temporal imprints of this splendor, cast into form by the design of infinite possibilities and magnificence.

It is your birthright to be a part of the grand plan of mastery and personal fulfillment.

Dare to open your mind and heart to the deep ocean of love that pours forth on all beings from the Loving Mother of the World’s “cup of golden light.”


Sacred Suzie said...

What a stunning post! I particularly liked that we are all the high priestess, I really believe that.