Friday, 8 June 2007


The grand and dramatic salute pictured in this card is a tribute to the active force of the mind that has found unity and success.

Each child holds a cup, representing the heart, and a sword, representing the mind force.

The destination has been reached, and the search for new clarity is complete.

There is focus and a unified vision.

There is responsibility, loyalty, and friendship.

At this level of exalted awareness the individual has merged with their ideal of community.

From this union, the mission to serve the planets is possible.

The heightened mind, symbolised by the swords, is infused with light.

The mind is brilliant and full triumph.

I have reached a pinnacle.

Foresight and inspiration have embraced my mind, and it is as if warm sunlight is evaporating the waters of negative thinking and fear.


I sit up straight, close my eyes, and let the light of the solar fire become an elixir of wisdom.

A golden aura of divine protection surrounds me.

Now is the time to serve humanity with clear vision.