Friday, 1 June 2007

I believe in miracles

I pulled a card for myself from the Inner Child Cards. And I pulled the Nine of Hearts: this is my reading ...

A well, vessel, or cauldron can hold sacred waters for rituals, blessings, purifications, and healings. Water is the essence of all life.

The answer to the question of whether the cup is half full or half empty depends on how life is being viewed at a given moment.

This question is being asked of you now. Along with this question, you may be granted a wish.

In the traditional tarot, the Nine of Hearts is often considered the wish card. Your wish should reflect what you feel you deserve in life, where your heart is, and how much you love yourself.

Wishing is a way to observe how well you are seeking your individual fulfillment. Can you accept a happy life?

This is not an easy question to answer, and much care should go into this inquiry. Sometimes wounds of the past must be healed before you can grow into your wish. Forgiveness of self and others is one step toward greater fulfillment.

The mermaid in this card is holding her vessel toward the waterfall to be filled. She has reached a point of acceptance in her life and is ready to have her cup run over.

Hold your own cup high toward the waters of life and dare to fill it completely. Imagine the possibility of unlimited love, joy, and wisdom pouring into your heart.

This may be it time for spiritual initiation or purification in your life.

Believe in miracles, and follow your dreams.


The Dream said...

This is exactly what I needed to read this morning ... thanks for the piggy-back ride - carrying me through your journey. Yes, I need to remember that I am that mermaid ...

Anonymous said...

Ok, this card is a miracle. I really needed to see this just now.
I'm usually optomistic, but my cup was just starting to turn to "half-empty".
I shall meditate on this beautiful gift from you this morning.