Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Hues of Winter

My feet crunch over the white icy grass

Jack Frost nips at my heels

The lake so still, its reflection like glass

So cold the fishermen abandon their reels.

A thick fog blankets the lake

The final leaves gracefully fall

A carpet of amber and gold begs for the rake

Naked limbs stand proud and tall.

Nature celebrates the season

In hues of silver, amber, and gold

My friends are excited for good reason

... snow season, so I'm told.

The sun sets slowly behind a hill

Shades of pink, blue and silver streak the sky

The haunting call of the water fowl shrill

The hues of Winter passing by.


daisies said...

so incredibly beautiful ... i have re-read three times now and the words flow as dripping ice dancing off the sunlight ... wonderful!

mich said...

Thank you! I don't write poetry often ... but was moved to yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

welcome to my universe said...

Lots of beauty and truth in this (chilly!) poem - you can tell you're a Southern Aussie! Great effort, maybe you should consider writing more poetry?

mich said...

Thanks so much Patti! Maybe I will write some more ... thank you.