Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Life, the universe and everything else that fits into the kitchen sink

Wow, its been such a long, long time since I visited here.

Its been such a busy year ... getting Chakradance off the ground and starting a new job ... my life has been one big whirlwind. Suffice to say I'm a little on the exhausted side.

I'm off sick at the moment ... I thought I just had bronchitis, but in fact I have tracheitis, which is no fun, and apparently very contagious - joy!

But let me tell you about me year so far.

I started teaching Chakradance at the beginning of this year. I've now completed 2 nine week cycles and two three hour workshops, and I'm getting wonderful feedback. I love this type of work, its so fulfilling to assist people on such an amazing journey! I feel as though I'm growing ...

I was supposed to start teaching another class last night, however I postponed due to the fact that I didn't think the class would appreciate a practioner that was 'barking like a dog' ... what a way to meditate!

In March I started working with the Treasury, and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the work and the people. I'm growing professionally which wasn't happening for the past two years.

Oh, and I've met a guy ... quite cute really. I met him at an open day for the college (where I teach). He's asked me out, but of course I've been ill and have been unable to go, however he calls me every day to check on me and see how I am. Its really nice to have met someone like that.

So, that's been my world so far this year. What have you been up to?


iGoddess said...


[running-flying tackle hug!]

wow, it's been so long! i knew you were off doing wonderful, amazing, life-changing things and it's always nice to know that your friends are off having adventures, but it's also good to finally see them after so long. =)

it sounds like you've really found many somethings that are challenging and rewarding in your life. huzzah! and isn't it amazing that, when you really open yourself to the abundance of the universe, it just starts pouring on more than you could ever hope for?

many healing, nurturing thoughts and energy coming your way from me!

love and hugs, gorgeous goddess!

Rebecca said...

Hey! Welcome back! I've missed you and the amazing things you have to share.

Come back again, soon.....I'll send healing thoughts and energy your way.