Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sacred Meditation ~ My Sacred Life Day 7

I sat with the Goddess this evening. The flame of an indigo candle dancing to her magic.

Sandalwood, rose and geranium scent the air.

She is present.

I am reminded of a quote I once read by Jackie Menzies in Goddess. Devine Energy.:

"The Goddess is everywhere:
She is manifest as the power (shakti) of the universe;
She is the wisdom (prajna) of Buddhist spiritual bliss;
She is the personification of wisdom, compassion and protection;
and she is the strength to overcome negative mind-states that reside within each of us."

The very word ‘goddess’ conjures in our Western minds an image of the exotic, the beautiful and the generally benevolent but an ideal with perhaps just a faint hint of the tantalisingly dangerous.

Living in a society that holds us to an unattainable standard — focusing on external beauty, accumulation of wealth and acquisition of power — I chose to nourish my spiritual and emotional self.


The Dream said...

you're so cool, mich.
the statue is definitely a thing of beauty, but more importantly, a thing that radiates true beauty.

daisies said...

this is so beautiful ...wow

Bohemian Mom said...

Another great read Mich.
I love coming here...it puts an immediate calmness in my heart.

Angela said...

Beautiful. She is everywhere.

amy said...

Love this and your blog so far. Just found you. I have the same Goddess statue too. :) Blessings to you on your sacred path.

Marie said...

Perfect post...we all deserve to remember the divine within us instead of what is imposed on us that is unattainable.

thank you Mich.