Sunday, 7 October 2007

My Sacred Sunday ~ My Sacred Life Day 10

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.

I rose early as the sunlight danced into my bedroom gently rousing me from my slumber. I could hear the birds chattering in the early morning, welcoming me to the new day.

I slid out of bed and padded barefoot to the kitchen to put the kettle on while I had a quick shower to wake myself up. Life is wonderful.

Sipping on my morning tea, I watch Trinity frollicking in the back garden, barking hello to all who passed. A flock of crimson rosella's landed in the tree for their morning breakfast of seed and thank me with their beauty.

I'm excited this morning. I have made a new friend - Julia from our Shanghai office. Jane, Cleo and I are going to spend the day showing her the Murrembateman wine district.

The clock chimes 8am, and I jump in the car to pick up Julia and Cleo.

It was a joy to watch the delight in Julia's face as we drove through the country-side towards Jane's little cottage in Yass. I love showing this region off - it truly is magical.

We arrive at Jane's a little after 9am, and she is ready for us with mugs of hot steaming tea and home baked biscuits. Her garden is magical, with every shade of purple imaginable - I'm sure faeries live there.

Then its time to hit the road, we head out of Yass towards Murrembateman. The sky is a brilliant blue. Fields of purple, green and gold line the rambling road.

We took Julia on a tour around the region, visiting local wineries before stopping in for a sumptuous lunch at the Poachers Pantry. We ordered a couple of tasting platters and our tastebuds were tantalised by a selection of Poacher's smoked meats served with dips, smoked sea fare served with seafood pates, marinated vegetables, pestos, other antipasto items and bread. As for desert ... well ....

After lunch, we had time to visit one more vineyard, and sampled some award winning wines.


cherry girl said...

What a wonderful time! Beautifully written too :)

Bohemian Mom said...

This reads like a novel and I love it Mich!
Sounds magical.
Don't you just love it when you meet another like-minded soul?

Journey Through Life said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!