Friday, 26 October 2007

Sacred Rain

“Anyone who says
sunshine brings happiness
has never danced
in the rain”

I was walking to my car this afternoon, and it started to rain, and not just a trickle, but hard, soaking rain.

Everyone around me ran for cover.

But something about feeling its icy drops on my skin made me stand still.

Standing there, all by myself, I let the rain embrace me.

And then I did something I haven't done since I was a kid.

I raised my face to the sky, stuck out my tounge and tasted its sweetness, then I threw my hands up in the air and twirled around like an excited child.
I knew everyone was watching me, but I didn't care.
What a beautiful, beauty-filled day.


Jane said...

I did that once in college. There was a HUGE rainstorm and I went outside and danced in it. What a feeling of freedom!

Sacred Suzie said...

This touched my heart. I wish I could have seen you do this, I would have joined in too. Good for you!

The Dream said...

you are my soul sister - no joke! it's cool to just DO and not care what others think. i LOVE rain and our drought is over - woohoo!!!!

Journey Through Life said...

Hey, I did the exact same thing about a month ago! We were bushwalking and it started pouring down. I put my arms out, head up to heavens and stuck my tongue out! I felt like a glorious little girl enjoying the thrill of the rain. We came back completely soaked and I loved every minute of it!!!

derick said...

glorious, glorious rain--cleansing and purifying the essence of self---if you prepared to let go....

clairem said...

isn't it even better when you are being witnessed? doesn't it make even more real? blessings to you,