Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sacred Meditation ~ My Sacred Life Day 9

I've been working a lot with Gayla Maxwell of late: her book, her meditation CD, and personal coaching.

On her Permission to Let Go cd, Gayla has recorded some wonderful guided mediations. My favourite is the Candle Meditation which goes for around 17 minutes, its relaxation techniques help me to reconnect to more core.

I'm enjoying this journey I've been taking with Gayla. I've grown in so many different directions.

Increasingly I am noticing the changes. I'm more confident, relaxed and at peace.

I am blessed.

I stumble upon a rubais by Rumi:

"how could anyone
who plays with you
ever be sad?
how could anyone
whom your light turns into sun
ever by gloomy?
how could the secrets of the world stay secret
from anyone who becomes your best friend?"

This is who I am becoming.


Journey Through Life said...

How wonderful Mich, to have all these changes taking place within you. The meditation sounds perfect. Makes me want to get the Cd!
I love the Rumi quote. I copied and pasted it. Definitely something to aspire to.