Monday, 30 April 2007

Twinkle, twinkle little star

In my last post, I discovered that my aura was violet ... quite appropriate as my journey through the chakras took me to my final destination -- the crown chakra.

Located at the top of the head and extending upward to the Heavens, it is the gateway to divine spirit. A true aspirant grounds such energy to include the work and focus of daily life. Wisdom emanates from those who walk in spirit with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

I walked outside into a warm, balmy evening. Looking up I see a million stars sparkling in the deep violet sky. The colour of the crown chakra.

A sense of bliss envelops me as I reach for the stars and feel myself being lifted towards them.

I am weightless and free as the goddess Nuit carries me safely over the earth and soaring through the heavens, and allow myself to fall into her loving embrace for a connection to her gift of bliss.

She is taking me to a greater world beyond -- that timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing.

I find myself in the presence of the Queen of Heaven -- the Star Queen. She says:

"I who am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars and the mysteries of the waters, I call upon your soul to arise and come unto me. For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe. From Me all things proceed and unto Me they must return. Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices, for my worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold -- all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverencewithin you. And you who seek to know me, know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire."

The ancients regarded stars as living entities and connected each person with a 'soul star'.

The Star Queen offers me higher and more refined ways of understanding the laws that govern the mystery of life. No longer held by the liitations that previously laid claim to my soul, I am now able to forgive and heal the wounds of the past, as well as to releae my judgements and limited view of the world.

My future shines like a bright star.

I imagine myself fully radiant, a shining example of the light of the Queen of Heaven's highest manifestation. Something mysterious and magical has happened within me. Whether actualised as an outer experience or held as an inner one, I have been initiated and awakened.

I will now take time to absorb the beautiful image of archetypal consciousness that now fills my cup of life.

Blessed be!


Anonymous said...

I totally and completely LOVE that purple pic. Her coming out of the lotus flower and that sprinkling of purple flowers from her hand!!!
It is my goal to one day walk with both feet planted firmly on the ground.
Sounds like nothing short of a magical evening, looking up to see "a million stars in the violet sky".
Sometimes your words and experiences take my breath away.

iGoddess said...

thank you, once again. today, especially, i needed this. particularly the reminder that "I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe. From Me all things proceed and unto Me they must return."

sometimes it's tough for revolutionary freedom fighters to accept they can't fight every injustice out there.

welcome to my universe said...

I'd love to have a 'soul star' - I've always loved Venus, the 'evening star' and I often make wishes when I see her in the sky.

The Dream said...

soul star ... yes.

mich, sharer of cloud, thank you for the flow and beauty and truth of your journey.

how amazing it would be to HEAR your voice SPEAK the words ... are you thinking what i'm thinking?

mich said...

I don't know Eileen ... am I thinking what you're thinking ;-p ... tell me!