Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Uncovering a sense of truth

This week's Finding Water challenge asks how we stay grounded and connected.

Sometimes I find this easier said than done. I have a job which often leaves me feeling anxious and stressed out -- drained of all creativity.

Last year, after a health scare, I realised I needed to find my centre once again. I started by blogging on 12 April 2006. This was the reawakening of my spiritual journey.

From here I started spiritual counselling, with a wise soul, who guided me to look deep within myself. After working with my inner-child and some 'rude' awakenings, I started to reconnect with the Goddess. She'd always been with me, laying dormant in my belly waiting for the right time to emerge.

After attending a Goddess Workshop held by Deb and Lucy, I found the Goddess soaring within my being. I felt like a butterfly finding freedom from its cocoon. I was thirsty for knowledge -- wanting to become more creative and to explore my full potential.

My journey of discovery took me too, where I met the beautiful Anita Ryan-Revel, and I became a Goddess Playshop facilitator, learning about the goddesses and the chakras. By this time I knew I was on the right path.

Then I discovered ChakraDance, it was the next natural progression for me ~ I am now on the path to become an ChakraDance instructor.

So what do I do to stay grounded and calm? That's easy ... I meditate every day to restore my energy levels and reinvigorate my spirit. I know it works, because when I don't my life turns topsy-turvey.

Because I find it difficult to 'still' my mind, I used guided meditations to help me achieve my state of bliss. I focus on each chakra and evoke the goddess. I also use aromatherapy to aid me in my journey. I often use my chakra base spray to help me refocus when faced with a challenging situation.

I also try to walk around the lake every day -- it helps clear my head and gives both Trinity and me some much needed exercise!

So there you have it, I stay grounded by:

  • daily meditation
  • working with the goddess and the chakras
  • aromatherapy
  • walking in nature
  • blogging


Bohemian Mom said...

What an inspiring journey you are on!
I always find your life lessons so interesting, so encouraging.
I love your use of the butterfly metaphor.... and that pic.

welcome to my universe said...

Another Aussie - fantastic!
You sound like you are definitely on the right path. You just read my post and can see that I too go pear shaped (physically and emotionally!) without Yoga, meditation, regular walks and blogging to keep me centered. I'm doing morning pages too (Artist's Way) and it all helps. Women are complex creatures and I believe we really need this kind of self nurturing to stay centered.

The Dream said...

I just found you through Patti and Bohemian Mom. You are so fantastically forthcoming and positive. Good stuff. And I love your puppy!!!

Riggwelter said...

What a wonderful blog, so soul baring and beautiful.

JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Your blog is so full of things that I am searching for. Thank you for listing the Goddess website and also I only just realised you are also in Australia when I looked at the goddess site and saw the! You have helped steer me along a path that only appeared before me yesterday.

Thank you,