Monday, 2 April 2007

Ring-a-ring-a-rosey ...

I am blessed to belong to several circles: the goddess circle; an artists circle; and an online community.

My sisters are there when I could use a hug, a shove, or a good laugh. For the greater good or the greater hilarity -- sometimes both -- life just seems to get better. It's kind of a girl thing.

When we band together things are looking up. We celebrate life, friendships and get inspired. When times are tough, we're there for each other with a mug of turkish apple tea and a compassionate heart and a shoulder to lean on.

We let our inner-children out to play, just like we did when Leonie did this photo shoot with me.

I once read an Oprah article which said: "Living your best life means following your passions and dreams. And doing what you love is so much more fun when sharing it with others! So forge relationships with others who share your interest—surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you!"

Men and women respond to stress differently. Men tend to fight or flee; while we're wired to connect and communicate. We phone friends. We form groups. That's how we soothe ourselves; that's how we get things done.

So connect with your gal pals, find others that share your interests and passions and circle. Community not only lifts the soul but may also be beneficial to your health.