Sunday, 22 April 2007

Eyes wide closed

"When each day is sacred
When each hour is sacred
When each instant is sacred

Earth and you
Space and you
Bearing and sacred through time
You'll reach the fields of light."

~ Guillevic
Guillevic is the poet of rural lanes lined with bushes, the poet of plain men taking home bread to wives, of cheap bureaus and sideboards, the poet of picnics, solitary walks, men in comforting cages of office and received wisdom, the poet of walls. He is the poet of quiet and distinctive magic.

The quote above called to me as I journeyed through the chakras to the third eye, the centre of illumination and insight.

Today my journey found me at a temple where I see a Priestess who is pure in spirit. She wears a ceremonial robe representing spiritual power beyond her personal identity.

The priestess tells me that initiation into this sanctuary requires that I engage with the watery depths of the dark waters of the unconscious, she tells me that out of the unconscious, the conscious world is born.

Meditiation brings me into union with the higher aspects of my being ~ in body, soul, and spirit.

I am led to the edge of a lake with still blue water reaching to the horizon. I see feathery clouds reflected on the surface, and smooth rocks resting on the bottom of the shallows.

Looking deeper into the lake's mirror-like surface, my eyes meet those of the goddess Isis. She is the embodiment of the feminine as a vessel for divine expression.

We talked about my 'gut instinct' and she instructs me that the third eye, the psychic eye, brings me a powerful skill to cultivate my trust in my own psychic wisdom. She tells me I must trust my intuition and perception, and to follow the path of my inner-teachings and open myself to the mysteries of the sanctuary within.

Pilgrimages to Isis' holy sanctuaries help me to reconnect with my spirutal self.

Isis tells me to look into the depths of the lake and to ask myself a question. She tells me to trust that the answer I see just beneath the surface is correct.

I listen with a cosmic ear and see the world with my eyes closed.


The Dream said...

When I read your words, I always feel as though I just received a magnificent massage - it is fluid, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Thank you ... and thanks for your positive comments on my blog.

"Meditiation brings me into union with the higher aspects of my being ~ in body, soul, and spirit."
No doubt ... and it is also a sanity saver for me, especially these days.


Bohemian Mom said...

I would sooooo love to come over for tea and card readings!
I am so inspired by your knowledge and experiences.
It centers me just to read your blog.

mich said...

Thank you both ... it is heart warming to read your words of encouragement.

Blessed be,

welcome to my universe said...

"You'll reach the fields of light"
How beautiful.