Sunday, 1 April 2007

Savouring the moment

I came across a challenge my friend Gabby has been undertaking called Finding Water ... blogging the art of perseverence

Today's challenge is Shared Beauty - what sorts of beauty have I savoured today?

Well, there is so much around me, I feel truly blessed. I live on a picturesque lake, with the Brindabella Mountains towering in the background.

My inner child led the way as I danced through my week, making me feel playful. I decided to let this lighthearted energy infuse my work, and I chose to take a little time off for amusement.

In Darwin I had a meeting cancelled at the last minute and I found I had time on my hands. This was an opportunity for me to explore. So I headed into town to purchase more appropriate footware for my adventure and ended up buying a pair of Croc ballet slippers.

After spending a couple of hours exploring Darwin's city, just walking around exploring gallerties, interesting buildings and chatting to people, I headed back to Sky City where I was staying and headed out on to Minindil beach which I had to myself.

I walked the entire length of the beach without meeting a soul, and I listened. Listened to the water lapping at the shores, to the wind playing in the grass, the sand crunching beneath my bare feet and to the birds swooping and playing in the sky above me.

Later that evening I headed out to a restaurant for dinner, and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets out over the ocean. Living on the east-coast of Australia, this was indeed a rare treat for me.

This unexpected time-out helped me to refocus on what's really imporant in my life, and reminded me not to get too caught up at work.

In our goal-oriented world, we can sometimes feel guilty when we take time off for our own entertainment, but our inner child knows it is necessary for our ideal balance and growth. So I gave myself permission to play, and I know that I was doing something essential for my wellbeing.

Children laugh more often each day than adults do. As adults, we can ride the waves of good-feeling laughter to help us deal easily and effectively with challenges. Then, we might enjoy interactions with others more as we shift our idea that life is stressful to the idea that life is a game.

This simple mental shift can lighten and ease our load and give us a more positive outlook on life.

There are many ways we can stir playfulness within us today. We can watch children playing, or better yet, join them. We can share funny stories with those around us and enjoy some laughter.

When we let our inner child come out to play today, we see new ways to bring out the joy in life.


Bohemian Mom said...

What a glorious "artist date" you had.
Yes, it is so important to remember the value of our inner child.
I brought mine to the surface today, as me & my daughter made "Universe Boxes". We each decorated a small plain box with beads & glass, etc. In them, we will put all our worries and written requests & prayers.