Thursday, 12 April 2007

My inner-goddess is a multi-coloured rainbow

Ok, so I guess you all know I can't resist a cute quiz ... so when I came across a quiz that promised to tell me what colour my inner-goddess is, I said 'hit me'!

So it seems I am a Rainbow Goddess:

The RAINBOW Goddess represents all aspects of the color spectrum.Those who are Rainbowed have the deepest significance to people throughout all the phases of their life. They have more influence on those around them then one can possibly imagine. They often help others by strengthening, soothing and inspiring them.

© What's your Inner Goddess Color?? © Jen
Drop me a line and let me know.


Anonymous said...

That was FUN!!!
My inner-goddess is blue!

BLUE belongs to the Planet Venus,
the giver of Love, devotion and harmony.
Its stone is the Amethyst, the super-sacred of the seven jewels.
Pale blue in the aura represents devotion, while dark blue shows fanaticism.

Anonymous said...

I nominated you for the Thinking Blogger award....check it out!!!

JourneyThroughLIfe said...

I did this. It was fun! And I posted it up on my site - acknowledging you of course!
My Inner Goddess Colour is Blue!