Friday, 20 April 2007

40 things about me

I was inspired to write this list after seeing it on Jane's blog. So here are 40 random things about me.

  1. My favourite colour is green (bamboo)
  2. I have had 10 broken toes at once
  3. Ballet was once my passion
  4. I used to be a news reader
  5. I make a mean Balinese seafood curry
  6. My treat to myself is a Kahuna massage
  7. I've been mugged and had my handbag stolen with two weeks rent inside
  8. I've lost two lovers to cancer
  9. I shared the dog's biscuits with him when I was 2
  10. I wear my heart on my sleeve
  11. I sleep in my birthday suit
  12. I love listening to the rain fall on the roof while I'm curled up in bed
  13. I went sky diving in Christchurch
  14. I trekked the Himilayas in Nepal
  15. I hugged and petted a live tiger in Bangkok
  16. I don't have kids, but apparently I had 4 in a past life
  17. I fantasise about living in Paris
  18. My favourite tv show is Sex & the City
  19. I have incredibly bad taste in men
  20. I've never married
  21. At times I'm incredibly insecure
  22. I have a thousand stories inside me
  23. I travel a lot for work
  24. I was clinically dead for 13 seconds coming out of anesthetic after an operation
  25. My nose has been broken 4 times
  26. I am studying to become a ChakraDance teacher
  27. I have aspirations to become a life coach
  28. When driving on long trips by myself I fantasise about being a spy, and run through novel plots in my head
  29. My dog is incredibly spoilt and loved
  30. I became a great aunt at the age of 33
  31. I used to sing
  32. I would love to have children
  33. In my 20's I dated a man 30 years my senior
  34. I have been exploring my spiritual path all my life
  35. I circle with an incredible group of women
  36. I'm touched by the incredible friendships I've made on the net
  37. I want to travel to India and China
  38. I am addicted to Harry Potter - the books and films
  39. I'm a vodka, lime & soda gal - in a tall glass of course
  40. I love that feeling of bliss as you start to drift off ....


welcome to my universe said...

"I used to sing" Do you mean professionally? I break out in song at any moment in the day. I love the release it gives me. (Not always in tune though!)

welcome to my universe said...

Good to get to know you, by the way. Look after those bones of yours!

mich said...

*smile* yes and no to professionally ... I used to do the occasional gig with a friend is a professional singer.

Haven't broken anything in years ... the toes were broken due to my brother jumping on my feet when I had my point shoes on ... and the nose breaks were just accidents ...

JourneyThroughLIfe said...

Hi Mich! Fantastic list. I loved reading it. I've also never been married and don't have kids and I could be getting close to the great aunt thing. My siblings are much older than me. And my spiritual journey has been with me forever...
It would be fun to do the list for myself!

The Dream said...


I loved reading these! I am SO with you on #s 4, 10, 11, 12, 29, 33, 35, 36, and 40.

And I am deeply sorry to read of #8. That must have been really hard.