Thursday, 3 May 2007

You know you travel too much when ...

  1. You reach the requirement to maintain your frequent flyer status 4 months early

  2. You've seen all the in-house movies at least twice before at different hotels

  3. You opt to sleep through the in-flight movie

  4. The airport security staff all know you

  5. The flight attendants know your name

  6. You wake up in the morning and don't know where you are

  7. You feel like you're living in a daze

  8. You become the world's greatest clutz -- in the past two weeks I've cut my heel, and tonight I dropped my suitcase on my ankle

I'm a tired girl ... I need a holiday!


welcome to my universe said...

Well done for listening to what your body is telling you. Time to chill out and get Zen.

Anonymous said...

Oy! You jet-setting goddess!!!
I am PETRIFIED to get on a plane.
Terrified of it!
I shall never fly. And if I ever did, I'd probably get thrown from the plane for screaming and carrying on in a complete panic attack!
Hope you have a relaxing and GROUNDING weekend!

The Dream said...

I always know it when my home feels like I'm visiting a Bed & Breakfast!

Flyng for me is like taking the bus - boring. So I read and nap and can't wait to get to my destination.