Saturday, 12 May 2007

Making a difference

If you didn't think you could make a difference, think again.

This link was sent to me by Kate Nowark. The appeal of Make A Difference Movie on a world-wide level, is seeing it's impact on a personal level. The Teddy Stallard story has the capacity to reach out to people to make a huge difference in all humanity. We must be the difference we want to make.

The miracle of what happens when people come together is that we can change the world.
There is truly a pull inside each and every one of us to make a difference while we are here. It is up to each and every one of us to make our time matter.

Compassion IS the key to making a difference.

View the Make A Difference Movie here.


Anonymous said...

Arggghhhhh!!! Can't watch it. Primitive computer...memory overloaded as it is.
But thanks for the message. So very true. It only takes each one of us to do our part and this would be a much better planet!

welcome to my universe said...

This was just beautiful. If we can just stay tuned in to other people, we can maybe do something small but spectacular.

The Dream said...

I have loved that story for a long time. It was cool to see it in this in this format. Compassion is KEY. The hard part for me is that I would love life to be like a musical - everybody singing and dancing in the streets and happy - REALLY happy. The idealist shining through ... what can I say? So, I do the best I can. And sometimes it may not be good enough, but I keep trying. Thank you for this reminder.

Anonymous said...

I finally got to see it. Beautiful!
Thanks for sharing...we all need to do just a bit to make a big difference.