Monday, 21 May 2007

The field of red poppies

I start my journey through the chakras at the base chakra. And the Hindu goddess Kali appears to me to help me along the path.

This ancient goddess of destruction represents strength and unwavering will power. She helps me purge the elements of destruction in my life and reclaim my independent spirit by directing my life onto a new path - my true path where I can discover health, prosperity, security and a dynamic presence.

Kali leads me to a field of red poppies. Beautiful red blossoms surround me as she leads me to a clearing in the middle.

I take my shoes off, and feel the rich, velvety earth beneath my feet.

Turning around I see Kali stomping her feet with all her might, and I join her in this dance ... our feet pounding to a hypnotic rhythm, beating out a message.

At this stage of initiation, the ego meets the daunting task of unraveling and unmasking itself in surrender to the Divine. The price of pursuing true freedom can be very high, at least from the vantage point of the ego; to the extent one is unable to let go of the trappings of the false self, a deep, spiritual form of suffering may result. We must enter the path of awakening through love.

Kali stands guard, sword in hand, seeking to clear the demons of the unconscious that may obstruct my progress toward liberation. Perhaps the most ruthlessly compassionate of the Dark Goddesses, Kali will do whatever it takes to wake me from the dream of my life.

I do not fear - love heals all.

In accepting my weaknesses, I find my greater strengths.


cherry girl said...

I love the image of the red poppies, Kali is one of my 'favourite' goddesses, she certainly is good at clearing out the shit that can acculumate and seem more important than it is. I am loving reading your chakra experiences, I recently bought some stones in relation to chakras to help aid meditation and healing - having got round to using them yet though - but I could use some chakra healing!

Bohemian Mom said...

I SO need to hook up with Kali!

Jane said...

Mich, I am so inspired and itrigued by your posts on goddesses and chakras. Where would be a good place for me to start if I wanted to immerse myself in the subject? Happy wednesday, beautiful woman!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Dearest Mich, I love your post! I look to Kali a lot in life as well but never thought of her connected to the root chakra but that makes sense, getting down to the basics and her protection of us during such a naked time.