Thursday, 17 May 2007

Mermaid energy

I met a woman recently who approached me and told me that I exuded mermaid energy. This was a bolt out of the blue and intrigued me. So I got to researching, and what I discovered was eerily accurate ...

The Mermaid is an expression of a woman living an artful life colorful, open to possibility and yet balanced and grounded. She is a symbol of when you feel most powerful, when you are creating and teaching. Ok - so there is a synergy straight away!

The mermaid is the symbol of the old Goddess energy that represents women, particularly the mysterious, life-generating element. She lives in the element of water the element of the unconscious and dreams.

If you say that you are drawn to water and yet afraid at the same time, this could mean that you are drawn to living your authentic creative life and yet fear it at the same time.
I've always loved the water - I grew up on the beach, and now I live on a lake.

Pisces energy is directed toward your inner self. - I am a leo with a pisces rising - You are meant to learn about the power of your thoughts and feelings and thereby to discover the greater degree of choices available to you. Choice is born out of opposing polarities the twin fish of Pisces.

You are drawn to fire,
(I'm a leo) as if you are drawn to experience your passion this is symbolised by the color orange (one of my favourite colours, and key colour of goddessfire). A large heart/ breasts (ok - now I think I'm being spied on) symbolises your loving heart and the wish for a life filled with love and affection. Breasts are symbols of maternal nurturing. She represents that which is emotional, loving, empathetic, and giving. She understands sorrows and know how to comfort.

Her abundant, flowing hair, symbolising an abundant love potential.

The Mermaid is full of soft edged shapes representing feminine energy and she is shaped very much like a full bodied woman. (check) Her tail curves up into two spirals symbols of healing energy.

The mermaid in our culture is the most persistent and pervasive symbol of the old Goddess energy that represents women, particularly the mysterious, life-generating element.

There is an opening with a door located in between your second and third chakras. On either side of this opening are two guardians. This opening is a shrine of a sort, a place to focus energy on self and goals.

Your second chakra governs sexuality, creativity, emotions, anger, fear, instinct to nurture, spleen, perceptions concerning food, women's power and female identity. Second chakra patterns and lessons apply to relationships and power and taking charge of a situation.

Your third chakra governs confidence self-esteem, self-care, decision making, and personal honor.

SELF the capacity to take care of yourself and to make choices that nurture you and renew your vitality. The most important thing to remember is to give yourself the right of choice, self- expression and self-respect. When you stay in a place of self love you will draw in energies that will support and empower you and allow you to in a creative engagement with Spirit and "flow in the power of your creative fire."


Anonymous said...

The parallells (sp.?) are uncanny.
You are grounded and you are teaching other women to find the same balance.
Big But it's true. You have a deep maternal instinct within you and have all the compassionate qualities to be a fabulous mom.
Very, very cool. The color orange, the significance of the water...all of it. And mermaid hair rocks!!
This woman knew what she was talking about.
I think you should do more's wild.

mich said...

I love this journey I'm on ... its awakening my soul to so many possibilities and truths.

~Kat~ said...

Oh my! I feel so right on to what that description of Mermaid Energy is....
I've been drawn to mermaids my entire life. I live in a sea-side town, yet don't necessarily love to BE in the water...
My description of why I'm a "Reluctant Mermaid" is there because I just don't (and never have) fit the mold of a "woman" going with the flow of life.
Swim AGAINST the current darn it! LOL that's my take anyways
Thanks for stopping by... your posts are so insightful and spiritual- I can see myself getting drawn in and inspired. :)

Anonymous said...

Right on, I was told I had mermaid swimming naked at a mineral bath. What I said, is mermaid energy, so I looked it up finally on the internet. Yes this is me she was right on target. I have never heard this before, but I do have all the qualities that are described in this article, I have been ashamed of my spirit and energy, because others are quick to judge me, however this is who I am and how i feel about life. Thanks to this woman for being so insightful and pointing this out. I am proud of who I am and on plan on continuing to enjoy my mermaid spirit. Because I am a Mental Health Counselor and love working with people.

Celestial Elf said...

Beautiful Post thankyou,
thought you might like to see my Mermaid Queen machinima film
with Lisa Thiel's lovely song
Bright Blessings ~