Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Integrating mind, body & spirit through dance and music

Well I'm back from shaking my chakras at the ChakraDance Instructor Retreat.

This photo was snapped at the end of five very full days. From left is Douglas and Natalie of ChakraDance and my fellow trainee-instructors -- Dana, me, and Nikki.

What a week! Like onions, we peeled back the layers of our souls, as we delved into counselling training, psychology and of course those issues that floated into our conscious during our dance.

Now I'm finalising venues, class schedules and a marketing plan, so I'm head down, and tail up in the business side of things.

Some of you have been asking me what ChakraDance is:

CHAKRADANCE™ was created by Natalie Southgate in 1998. It is a journey into Self where the focus is on personal experience rather than performance.

Drawing on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, spontaneous dance is used to balance the chakras - the energy centres which in Eastern tradition are the gateways to integrating mind, body, spirit.

Guided by music resonating to each of the 7 chakras CHAKRADANCE™ participants are taken on a dynamic dance journey through their own energy centres. As participants dance to the frequency of each chakra, different issues are experienced and energised.

These experiences can then be integrated into our everyday lives.

Music plays a major role in stimulating the chakra energies as the vibrations of the musical scale are tuned to the human energy system.

Each chakra vibrates to a specific frequency which corresponds to a specific colour vibration.

Each chakra is completely different, (energetically and in terms of the different aspects of our lives which it influences), and so the dance movements expressing each tend to be different.

There is no right way to CHAKRADANCE™ as everyone has their own rhythm and movement.

By surrendering to the music and dancing from the inside out, we are able to free our natural energy flows and feel more fully alive.

For more information about CHAKRADANCE™ visit www.chakradance.com


welcome to my universe said...

Great photo Mich! I'm not much of a natural dancer myself, but this spontaneous dance would probably be good for me. I will check out the site.

The Dream said...

yes, it's time for me to dance again. since it took me more than a few seconds to remember the last time i danced, that means it has been too long.

Nicole said...

Chakradance just sounds fantastic. We have an instructor here but every time she starts a class I'm either away or busy with work. I'm looking forward to the day I can attend a session. Congrats on becoming a teacher.