Sunday, 8 July 2007

My Core Values

Photo taken today - the real me no make-up and bad hair day!

In order to make positive and sustainable changes in our lives, living in the ease and flow of who we naturally are, we must first understand what 'sustains' us.

What do you believe is important?
What is 'not negotiable' in your life?

I've been asked to answer the following questions as quickly and honestly as I can.
1. When all is said and done, these are the things that have real meaning to me:
  • family - immediate and extended
  • who I am - my integrity
  • my friends
  • Trinity (my fur baby)

2. I feel at my best when I am spending time with friends just being me.

3. I feel uncomfortable when I am asked to do something which is outside of my comfort zone.

4. I don't like to see people hurting.

5. I love harmony, in my family, amongst my friends, in my workplace ... I love to be surrounded by it.

6. I don't like disception, back-biting, nastiness and bullying.

7. I love hearing laughter, kind words.

8. I love feeling loved, safe, secure and happy.

9. I love seeing happiness, be it children playing, dogs running around, a couple in the street obviously in love ...

10. I love thinking about the future, and the steps I am taking to create my bliss.

11. I feel my worst when I allow myself to be put down.

12. I feel angry when I hear myself get caught up in bitchiness.

13. I don't like nastiness or bitchiness.

14. I want harmony at work and the respect of my colleagues.

15. My family life feels a little on the crazy side at times. I know have an extended family and embrace it whole-heartedly.

16. My friends, my true friends, I can count on one hand. I have other friends who are more acquaintances.

17. My current work compliments my core self in a way, but I find myself moving more towards helping people, I've always loved helping people and making them feel better about themselves.

18. I would change quite a bit. I'd like to change how I react to other people's attitudes about me - I'd like to be less 'emotional' at work. I'd like to change some perceptions so they can see the real me - this means taking down my mask.

19. I'm good at communicating, helping people realise their own potential, hiding who I am.

20. I feel happy and satisfied when I see myself genuinely helping people to realise their own potential.

21. I can see myself happily working as a life coach, author and speaker.

The one very most important thing to me is to be happy in life.

© Gayla Maxwell 2007, from her 21 Day e-COREse.


Anonymous said...

These are fabulous values. I am proud to call myself your Canadian friend!
#19 ~ You are VERY good at helping people realize their own potential!
You are like a shot of self-worth to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and you are Gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

Great list!

daisies said...

oh wow ~ i see some of my own bits in your list ... wow !!

you are so wonderful and i am glad you are trying / wanting to take down your mask, you are so beautiful without it : )

Carmen said...

You are a beautiful woman! and your eyes are amazingly gorgeous!

cherry girl said...

What a great list, I love the simplicity of the questions, the flow of the answers that do not need to be thought about. I just completed my answers, here's a direct link