Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Goddess & Angel Wand of Light

I have a new assistant.

A new friend ~ Leane ~ made me a Goddess & Angel Wand of Light! I met Leane through Lisa, the owner of Inner Harmony who is fast becoming a great friend.

My wand is made from a 75 year old Elm tree, and is adorned with a magical quartz crystal containing a crystal deva. Leane's daughter Erynn does Deva readings and has given me the following information:

You should feel all the beautiful energy emanating from Lady Demetria! My female earth deva is magnificent! Wrapped in silver ribbons she channels all Goddesses, Archangels, angels, moon energies, star energies and earth energies.

Here she is ...

Lady Demetria is going to be assisting me with the Goddess Playshops.


Jane said...

gorgeous wand, Mich! The photos are beautiful!

Carmen said...


Rebecca said...

It looks like a very powerful wand, indeed. Last evening a friend showed me her new mineral find - stibilite - new to me, but very powerful.