Saturday, 21 July 2007

Melancholy baby

Taken tonight : Melancholy Mich

I'm feeling a little melancholy tonight. I don't know why, its been building all week.

Inspiration seems to have escaped me. Many times I have curled up on the lounge with my lap top to write, and ... nothing.

Last night I went to the launch of Dion's new business and went to dinner with him. It was a lovely night, but I was quiet and watchful - quite the wall flower. Tonight, I went with my dear friend Jane to see the new Harry Potter movie. We went to the Dendy Premium, to watch it in style and luxury. Yet, I'm still flat.

There has been an energy around my home the past couple of nights. Trinity has felt it too. I don't feel safe at the moment. I feel as though I'm being watched.

My friends have noticed my mood. A sober pensiveness is probably the best way to describe the way I am feeling.

I need to snap out of this. Tomorrow I will smudge my home and my front and back gardens to shift this energy. I'll buy some beautiful flowers to adorn my home and lift my spirits. And I will meditate to find my centre again.


iGoddess said...

you're not the only one, hon. i feel it, too. it's so bad that, when *m* called for our nightly chat, i debated letting him talk to my voicemail.

i'm thinking some serious cleaning, smudging, and ice cream are in order. but i hadn't thought of buying flowers. maybe i'll do that, too. =)

hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

cherry girl said...

Ooh, I hate it when those feelings come, all I can say is that they will pass, and pass on hugs and healing thoughts from myself! Hope you feel brighter soon :)

Scarlet said...

I felt the same way last night. I could've taken the same photograph of myself, and you know what? Today's a new day. I'm getting busy and moving on. Keeping busy and then finding quiet moments to recharge my batteries works for me. Too many quiet moments get me CRAZY! I need BUSY, BUSY, peace, BUSY, BUSY, that order.

Nicole said...

It must be in the air... I was like that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of last week. Hubby bought some flowers for me and just having them around brightened my mood and by Thursday I had snapped out of it. Yes, smudging is a very good idea. Take care and BIG CYBER HUGS!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Yes, smudge away! I'm doing that on Monday, I've been feeling the same way and am going to send the negative cloud away and I hope it also works for you. Remember, our lives are cycles. We have dark days but they do eventually pass.

Mich said...

Thank you my dear friends for your words of support ... it really means a lot to me.

I have just 'felt' something, and am comforted in knowing you all have felt it as well this week.

Blessed be,

Rebecca said...

This, too, shall pass. Be well and full, dear Mich.

Blessed be!

Journey Through Life said...

Smudging is a wonderful thing to do. It has helped me so much in the past. Especially if I feel like I've collected some negative energy from somewhere.
I'm ready to do an emotional smudging now - for my own build up of emotions!

Let us know how you feel over the next couple of days.
I'm feeling good this evening, so I will send you some positive energy.

Take extra good care of you during this time. And remember, these things always pass - especially when you take care of you.

With lots of uplifting energy,

Carmen said...

I am very late reading this and then I am in the other side of the world...
My best to you to be your joyous you again soon. I saw the previous post and the pink asiatic liles are my favorites, too, and I am sure they made you happy, also know that I care. xxooxx