Thursday, 5 July 2007

Mermaid's and fuchsia's

I'm having a day off today ... light rain is falling outside, the trees are whipping around in the wind, and mini-waves are rippling over the top of the lake.

But I'm inside sitting on my sofa watching Mother Nature's symphony wrapped in a soft furry throw rug, with a hot mug of chai tea.

With Isha Lerner's Power of Flowers cards at my fingter-tips, I can't resist pulling a card ...

Glory to Fuchsia,
For my suffering and pain,
And childhood past,
Are cleansed and soothed,
And healed at last.

Latin: Fuchsia hybridaColor(s): Red, Pink and Purple

Archetype: Mermaid. Known as the “Virgin of the Sea,” the mermaid inhabits two worlds simultaneously: water (the emotions) and air ( the intellect). Her ability to descend to the depths of the sea gives her access to the hidden treasure of her Real Self. Her ability to ascend beyond the surface of the ocean waves, toward the sun and starts above, awakens her to higher levels of consciousness. Around her neck are pearls of wisdom, salvaged from buried treasure of her past.

Signature: A thick shrub with smooth green leaves and buds that form in clusters, pointing toward the earth. Upon flowering, its petals open upwards, crowning toward the heavens.

Healing Properties: Fuchsia assists one in accepting long-repressed emotions, whether from this or other lifetimes, and embracing one’s long-submerged and neglected grief, pain, and suffering. Often, through this process, the Divine Child within is revealed.

Healing: You must now learn to move freely between the watery realm of emotions and the arid world of the intellect. You are asked to courageously embrace life in all its dimensions, including pain and suffering, for in so doing, you strengthen yourself, allowing the spirit to travel beyond the confused emotions and perceptions of your personal history into the world of enchantment and true insight. Ultimately, like the fish-tailed Goddess, you emerge into wholeness; that which was once only known in the dark, womb-like places, is now fully integrated in the light of day.

When the Fuchsia mermaid visits you she invokes your long awaited transformation. The cherub angel pictured above her head represents your Divine Child, freed from the confines of the past and now heralding your glorious rebirth. Joyously, the hummingbird overlights you, for you have found many treasures buried in the darkness of your suffering and now know yourself to be whole in the midst of all that life has to offer. Rise up and receive the many blessings of your New World.


Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, what a stunning card and message! I'm glad you're able to take time for yourself right now and according to the card, heal the child within and make peace.

I just planted some fuchsias, how exciting to know they are such powerful flowers, thank you for that!

Jane said...


I love this post. Lately I've been thinking about why it is that I have such a strong connection with water. In the past, I almost drowned in it but years later, I feel such a connection to it. I see the vision of a mermaid quite a bit too.

Carmen said...

Fucshias! Mermaids! Yay!

You are a great inspiration Mich!

I love this deck, too!

daisies said...

oh how lovely and i hope your day was beautifully amazing ... sounds so calm and centered ~ i love those days!!