Sunday, 1 July 2007

Raptuous beauty

Fill my heart with Love, that my every teardrop may become a star.

–Hazrat Inayat Khan

I love that quote. It is so whimsical and romantic, and reflects so strongly what true love means to me.

True love is one of the exercises from Rainbow Dreams. Another difficult one for me, as I've always protected my heart.

The card was drawn from Inner Child Cards was the Ace of Hearts, and it said:

The essence of true love is, above all, faith-in the ineffable reverence that grows out of the union with a beloved. This beloved can be your inner self or another human soul.

The root meaning of love is to acknowledge absolute concern for another being. In order to express this empathy for another, one must secure self-love in one's own heart.

In this card, two mermaids joyously push a Winged Heart up from the sea. It is offered as an inspired sunrise, touching the golden light of the sky. This heart reveals the acceptance of love at the highest level, for the heart is the vessel of life, adorned with wings of spiritual freedom.

An ace in any suit is always positive. This card affirms that a new opportunity in the realm of love is rising out of the depths of the past, symbolised by the ocean. This new love may be a person, an idea, the realisation of a dream, or a new creative endeavor.

Sounds easy to respond to doesn't it. But no, it isn't easy at all.

In order to be able to love, I need to first love myself. That means I have to trust myself to pull down the walls I have built around my heart, and open myself to the risk of finding love.
I ask myself the following question: What am I more afraid of, the risk of being hurt, or the risk of finding true love?
This stage of my spiritual journey entails dedication and commitment, for the tasks involved are some of the most difficult to comprehend for my soul. I must seek to embrace the essence of love within and avoid the temptation to seek it elsewhere. The beloved with whom I will choose to share my intimate life is but a reflection of my own loving nature. Till now, the extent I have sought love outside myself, has met me with disillusionment and disappointment.

I have written before that it is a very good practice to stand up with arms reaching toward the heavens in the shape of a chalice.
Imagining I am being filled with the elixir of divine love, I allow the radiant light of Aphrodite pour into my heart.

I light a candle in my home symbolising the purity of love I wish to share with the world.

I dare to be the rapturous beauty that lives within my heart.
I open my heart to forgivness ~ of myself and others.
I open my heart to love myself.
I open my heart to love.
I am the raptuous beauty that lives within my heart.


Marie said...

And so it is...because you have spoken it, it dare be true. Your words are absolutely beautiful. Trust...the universe, but mostly trust yourself. We feel your pure love and know you have so much to give.

Marie said...

p.s. I saw that you were going to see Doreen Virtue...I love her cards and have the mermaids and the angel cards... Are the inner child cards you pull from her cards as well? I believe her to be such a spiritual woman. You will have to share your wisdom when you come back...a wee bit jealous!

mich said...


Thank you so much for your words ... I had a tough day today, and your kind, kind words lifted my day. You are an earth angel!

The inner-child cards are the creation of an amazing and spiritual woman -- Isha Lerner. She also created the Triple Goddess Tarot which I absolutely adore.