Sunday, 2 September 2007

The Fortress

I'm in Sydney this week -- one of the world's most beautiful cities. Even more amazing, I'm staying in an apartment right on the harbour's edge, with beautiful views.

But even as I write this entry, Sydney is going into lock down.

The threat of violence during the APEC summit has made strict security measures necessary.

With the exception of war, security arrangements for the APEC conference are the biggest ever mounted in Australia.

Activists claim Sydney is being turned into a fortress.

Steel and concrete barriers have been erected around the city. For the past two days I've been walking through them into a different world. But then again, Sydney is a different world this week.

Its a little unnerving, but at the same time, I do feel safer.

There are 3,500 police on the beat. Sitting in the media centre today I saw a troop of officers walk past. I don't think I've ever quite seen anything of this magnitude before.

I haven't seen any prostesters, but my cab driver this morning told me they are around. All I've seen are throngs of tourists, enjoying the emerald city's early spring sunshine.

I went out to dinner this evening on the King Street Wharf where a festive atmosphere prevailed. We ate seafood, drank wine and enjoyed the vibe.

What a city of contrasts Sydney is at the moment.


The Dream said...

How nice to have a city infusion - always exciting for me, as well.

BIG bummer about the lock down there. It's pretty tragic that our world is the way it is ... ruled by fear.

Hope you stay positive about your stay ... take what you value most and leave the rest behind, my friend.

Rebecca said...


I've tagged you to particpate in a new meme. Visit my blog for details!

Blessed be

Jane said...


Despite all that is going on there, I hope you are having a great time seeing the City and all of it's gorgeous color! It's sad to think that so much of everthing is a "security threat" these days.

Happy Thursday, beautiful woman!

daisies said...

hope you are having a wonderful time!!! : ) ... even with the security, sigh, its sad that these kinds of measures are needed ... xox

Elizabeth said...

What a surreal place it must be; sad that the world requires such measures still. I hope for an end to it all one day.

Hope you find more fun and joy on your trip. :-)

Bohemian Mom said...

Take care and stay safe.
Enjoy Sydney as much as you can, under the circumstances.

Hamguin said...

Have a great time, Mich! Fear only rules if you buy in, and I love the easy sound of your post--even as you describe the extreme security in place, you lightheartedly describe a fun dinner.

My Sacred Life is what brought me to your blog, so it is appropriate that I welcome you to the group!