Thursday, 30 August 2007

Dancing with my muse

Catching up on my Rainbow Dreams homework tonight.

Isha Lerner's gorgeous Inner Child Cards remind us to honour the precious gift ofthe memory of the muse in our hearts. To open to the joy of artistic expression.

The music of the universe is constant and flowing. The keynote here is the potential of joy -- your joy and the joy of life.

So, how do I satisfy the muse in my heart?

Well that's easy. I write, and have three blogs to prove it. But the writing which makes my heart soar is our virtual circle, Rainbow Dreams. I love the fact that it has created a community of like-minded souls, who walk beside me on my journey, and I beside them on theirs.

I have found Chakradance, which unites three of my passions, my love of dance, my spirtual journey, and my calling as a facilitator of spirit.

My Goddess Workshops also indulge my inner-muse.

Oh what a blessed life I lead!


iGoddess said...


don't you just LOVE it when you can sit back, sigh, and say, "GODS, i love my life!"