Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Knock, knock, knockin' ...

This week's Rainbow Dreams once again asks me to look deep within to honour and recognise the opportunities that are knocking on the door to my heart.

I have faith in myself and the changes I am making at this time.
I move with this energy by speaking my truth and making the necessary changes to set myself free from the confines of the past.

The opportunties knocking at the door of my heart include:

  • the opportunity to let go of past behaviours and grow
  • I am now emotionally available ~ I am at peace and have let go of past relationships

  • self acceptance ~ I really am enough!


Jane said...


Beautiful words today, as always. I find myself in a bad place today and I really needed to read this to remind myself to be more gentle and accept the opportunities that are waiting for my heart.


welcome to my universe said...

Yes, you are enough! I have nominated you for a blogger reflections award - come take a look!

Bohemian Mom said...

You. really. are. enough!
I love reading everything about your journey.
Your growth process is really inspiring and I admire you so much, your dedication, your commitment, your discipline, your consistency.
My posts have been a bit "sparse" lately, but I'm working it. You are my hero!
(I'm working on my mind movie)

Journey Through Life said...

They are the same exact three growth opportunities I need as well - exactly!
I will get to thinking about mine soon and post it up.
Love the picture!