Friday, 10 August 2007

Oh, the things we do ...

I turned 41 today. So how did I celebrate my day?

Well, while I didn't exactly pamper myself, I did something that is going to make my life a hell of a lot easier in the long term.

I know this is going to gross you out Boho!

My morning started with a chemical peel, and was quickly followed by a day of cosmetic tattooing.

I started having my lipliner (with bleed). I picked a gorgeous Cranberry colour.

Then the make-up artists decided she hated my eyebrows, and well, I agreed with her, and now I've got new eyebrows ... she kept half my eyebrow, plucked the rest and replaced it with ... yep, you guessed it, a tattoo.

I finished my day of 'beauty' by having my eyeliner tattooed on (top and bottom).

At least I had a girlfriend who went through the process at the same time!

I have to go back in 6 weeks for another session, and the last session will be just before Christmas ... then I'll be stuck with this for the next 10 years or so!

So my big birthday night was spent having pizza back at her place and sipping wine through a straw!

Ah! The things we do for vanity!


cherry girl said...

Oh my, I can't imagaine having a tattoo on my eyes!! Do they do that like they do a regular tattoo - OMG they can't can they - won't it scab up too - ouch. Tell me more. I can see why it will make things easier - no need for applying eyeliner or lipstick for ten years! Wow! Oooh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

iGoddess said...

Happy birthday, you gorgeous, newly tattooed, beautiful and funkfied cosmetic GODDESS, you!!! =)

that's SO freakin' awesome! and you *know* there SO have to be pictures soon!!!!

and here i thought i was the only one considering permanent eyeliner... WOO! you're so gorgeous!!


Rebecca said...

Happy birthday, Mich! That is so awesome and what a wonderful day of taking care of yourself. It sounds like fun and a delightful thing to do with a girlfriend.

Hugs and love, Rebecca

Bohemian Mom said...

Happy Glorious Goddess Birthday!!!
I think it's fabulous that you got inked! (I draw the line at boob jobs and face skin stretching, etc.)
Yay for you and treating yourself in this way! And pizza and wine is just the perfect celebration. Oh how I wish I was there!
I got my tattoo on the back of my shoulder when I turned 35.
I cannot imagine the pain of having eyes lined. What colour?
Yout lips look gorgeous and natural and Jolie-ish! Did you get your whole lips done, or just lined?
I know a girl who got her eyes lined and she looks absolutely stunning....even first thing in the morning! And I never even knew that it wasn't natural until she told me.
I cannot wait to see pics.
I've been wanting to get a nose stud but I think I'm too old for that....I might just look like a retired stripper.
Happy Birthday!

P.S. Your eyebrows don't look like Boy George though, do they?

kim said...

Happy Birthday!! (a day late but...)

welcome to my universe said...

Happy Birthday Mich! You're so brave! I hope it all looks just the way you want it to. But don't go getting a facelift or anything. Ah, I remember being 41 (six years ago!) - Yoga training taught me acceptance of my body and of my inner self - Now I could never go under the knife, but some subtle eyeliner would be cool:)

Simone ( Exercising for comments) said...

Belated Happy Birthday.

Paint yourself paradise!

angela said...

happy birthday! ive been thinking about getting my upper lids lined. does it hurt very bad? i have 5 tats, the largest and most intricate is on my back,where there is no meat, hurt terribly! i cried!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday!!! Ouch about the tattooing... I gave myself a tattoo for my 31st birthday and oh my... never again. At least you did something that you wanted to do. Big birthday hugs to you! Nicole x

The Dream said...

Happy Birthday, Risk Taker!
Great to catch up on your posts, at long last!

daisies said...

Happy Birthday : ) Hope your year is filled with beauty!! xox

Carmen said...

Happy belated Birthday Dear Mich!
I am sorry I miss it.
I was away from the pc for about ten days due to a trip to see my father in law who is unfortunately very sick.
I hope you are still celebrating your 41 yr old birthday with your new tattoo!!! Yay!