Friday, 28 September 2007

Dreaming from the earth ~ My Sacred Life Day 3

Its official.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Why, I hear you ask.

Well my very, very talented brother-in-law Yen is about to release a new album, and he sent me a master so I could listen to it before its even launched!

I sit here this evening, transported by beautiful music which enlivens my senses as my soul soars higher, and higher.

dreaming from the earth is his second albumand explores our relationship to the earth & the challenges we currently face as a collective. The work also explores the opportunities available to us at this time.

Woven in to his pieces are the vibrations to facilitate our alignment with our self/Self & our own divinity.

Check him out at there are even samples of the tracks on his site.


Jane said...


What a talented musician! The music sounds tranquil, dreamy and soothing. I'd love to buy it for my my prayer time....

Happy Friday, beautiful you!!

Carmen said...

I love it !
Is it on Amazon? where can I find it?