Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Steppin' Out

This week's Rainbow Dreams poses another tough question.

At this stage of my life, I continue to confront more and more subtle growth opportunities and challenges.

The Womb of Potential Card reminds me that this stage of life heralds a deep and abiding inner freedom.

The Rainbow Goddess carries the potential to manifest in all spheres and in all circumstances, and invites me into the Womb of Potential where, like the Rainbow Goddess, I gestate my dreams.

Hidden treasures within me are waiting to blossom, they are blossoming!

I open my heart and soul to the many opportunities that surround me each day. Through my work with Gayla I see the wheel of fate is shifting and new values, concepts, and ideas are forming within.

I am pulling down the wall around my heart and I'm letting others in. I have learnt not to react immediately when faced with a confronting situation ... I am sitting back and observing first before giving a measured response.

I'm finding others are drawn to me, and I to them. I don't need their approval - its how I feel about me that counts.


iGoddess said...

isn't it just the most liberating feeling when you can say, "i don't need their approval, it's how *i* feel about *me* that counts!" and actually know you MEAN it??? it's one thing to spout the words at some feel-good seminar but doubt yourself inside, and quite another when the words are more than "just words."

this is wonderful!!

Nicole said...

Beautiful! Yes it is how you feel about you that counts. Well done to recognise this Michelle. x