Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Completely present

There is always something to discover in every moment I give myself permission to be completely present.

This practice of awareness, discovery, integration and the release of judgment is the journey that leads to the mastery of my own life purpose.

There is always something to discover and that in itself is one of the many gifts of life that is so often overlooked.

It is all just one big amazing mystery unfolding.

Our task is to be present enough to experience it!

I breathe in calm and clarity. Close my eyes. And with each breath in choose a greater level of calm. With each breath out choose to release anything that might limit me from being completely in the present moment.

I imagine that I can see, hear, feel and/know myself as I am meant to be, and ask myself the question "Who am I" and write down my answers as they come.

I am:

warm and funny, with a wicked sense of humour
a woman of great strength and compassion
committed to my continual development
comfortable in my own company
a talented writer and 'teacher'
passionate about my beliefs
inspiring and empowering
a social butterfly
a contradiction
a priestess
a goddess


Jane said...

Fantastic!!! You look beautiful and peaceful.

Happy Wednesday!

Hamguin said...

Lots of wisdom in this post, Michelle. Most of all, it is a joy to see that, bottom line ( line) is "happy".

Take the millions of words about how to live life, boil them down to the very simplest essence, and you have just what you expressed. Happy.

daisies said...

wonderful :)

Bohemian Mom said...

Beautiful poignant post!
I love your inverted triangle of who you are.
And such a perfect pic. You are gorgeous.

Nicole said...

You are beautiful!