Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Shaking those chakras

A new year, a new term ... I'm leading Chakradance at OmShanti College this year, and I can't wait. Classes start in less than two weeks!

OmShanti is a natural therapies college, so there's a lot of synergy between us.

For those of you who don't know, Chakradance is a dance, meditation and therapy. Best of all, its a dynamic and delightful way to chane your life.

Chakradance directly works with each chakra - energising, rebalancing, soothing and stimulating the entire system. Its unique blend of dance and sound, spiritual understanding and sacred space can hlep us to dramatically rework our own energy, to the point where we begin to transform how we look, feel and think. Our intuition can be ignited, and we make better choices in our lives as a result of this healing and balancing process.

Dance is an ageless, natural form of expression that allows you to experience freedom, ecstasy and a closer relationship with the Divine. All movement connects us to our own spirit. Athletes often speak about being 'in the zone', a place where their sense of self dissolves and merges with the Creator. Similarly, all action has an energetic spiritual and physical impace on us - from swimming, to running, walking and whirling, to the wildest of movements, dance can be ecstatic. And of all the hearling forms of movement, dancing is the one which can transform us energetically, physically and mentally. When we dance with joy and spontaneity, it becomes uplifting and deeply cleansing.

But just don't take my word for it ... see it for yourself!


derick said...

thanks for the visit and the comment-
your new year project is one that is going to take you into a new space and the feelings of sabotaging your own life will become clearer as you drop the emotional residue of the past ans live your life in the moment of your own authentic truth and magnificence.
persevere with what you need toi do and the clutter will fall away and be replaced with the clarity you seek.

Jane said...

Hi Mich!

The dancing is gorgeous thing to watch. Thanks for that link.

Happy Thursday, beautiful soul!


Carmen said...

I am so excited for you!

practicalspirit said...

Thanks for sharing more about Chakradance. I am an energy worker and body movement is central to my practice. I'm also very much enjoying roaming around your blog! Have a great day! Staci