Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Another note from the Universe

I'm loving my daily Notes from the Universe. My latest one was so empowering, it set my spirits soaring!

Do you think it would be cheating, Mich, knowing all that I know, if I placed a bet on your inevitable happiness, success, and saunter?

Good. Because I have. It was called the "Big Bang," and every moment of every day I walk in your shoes.

Mich, I knew what I was doing.

The Universe


Rebecca said...

I love your message from the Universe! Where do you get them?

Blessed be!

Marie said...

They sound fun!
Happy New Year! and may this year bring you much blessed happiness...I shall keep in touch. Are you going to keep up your virtual circle? I hope's nice getting to know people... p.s. I got some new Doreen Virtue angel cards from my mother-in-law.

Bohemian Mom said...

I love it!
Mich, I am opening the door this new year and inviting in my inner goddess to help me be who I am striving towards.
Among X-mas gifts I recieved, I got the book, "The Great Cosmic Mother". I am loving it and learning so much!
Happiest of new years, my friend.

The Dream said...

Cool message!

Hey, what's the deal with having comments monitored? I can't tell if I have already left messages ... so confusing, but hey, I'm sure you have good reason for it. Peace.

Angel said...

hey mich :)
yes we had a magickal season, how about you?

hope you are well...
angel xx