Saturday, 19 January 2008

Right now ...

I'm curled up in bed
so I thought I'd share my now with you
Its 12.12 am
Trinity, my fur baby, is asleep
Her head resting on my leg
The door to the court yard is open
Silver and aqua organza curtains
dance in the gentle breeze
Rain drops beating out
a magical, hypnotic, rhythm
Life, right now, is so perfect.


The Dream said...

I can just smell the rain - lovely!
Great description, my friend.

derick said...

a moment of such perfection lasts for an eternity and then some.
take care

Anonymous said...

Oh Mich, I feel like I'm right there...beautiful words, beautiful place in your world! It sounds so magical and enchanting.
hugs for Trinity!

Mrs Coetser said...


Greetings and Blessings !

Anonymous said...

What a lovely image... Clearly, you're having much warmer weather there than we are! How lovely to have a door open... and a courtyard! Aaaah.

Blessings! I like your blog. :)