Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I bought Denise Linn's Soul Coaching Oracle Cards today, and the very first card I pulled was Passion.

This card tells me to follow my bliss!

To discover what I absolutely love to do or be, and then, like an arrow directed at its target, not to let anything stop me from fulfilling my passion.

It also says exuberant emotions are coming to me, perhaps in the form of a romance.


So what happened today?

Well, I found a venue for Chakradance - Om Shanti - a college training in natural therapies, so there's lots of synergy there. But for me its not only a venue, they're going to market my courses and do all the admin for me. So I get back to my passion of dance and meditation without having to worry too much about the business side.

While I was there, I signed up for Yoga classes, and I'm also starting private pilates lessons at the end of January.

As for the romance? Watch this space ...


The Dream said...

Passion ..... I hope that means wonderful romance for you, my friend!!!

Jane said...

Wonderful post Mich! Congratulations on finding the right place for your courses and, as for the romance, I can't wait to read more....I can feel the energy and lightness from all the way over here!

Bohemian Mom said...

Beautiful...Om Shanit.
Sounds divine.
Yoga and Pilates...where do you find the time? the energy?
And as for the romance part...I'll be watching.

Bohemian Mom said...

um...duh...I mean Shanti.....
Om Shanti

iGoddess said...

talk about serendipity! the universe is conspiring for you, mich... =)

*hugs* i hope this reaps much happiness for you!

derick said...

when there is intention,willfullness and passion all can be accomplished.
( ps--if i listen closely i hear the sound of your arrow passing close by)
take care

Carla said...

Mmmmmmm, nice! I will watch this space. :)

Carmen said...

I have that deck! I love Denise!

Nicole said...

Ooohh I love that deck too. I too love Denise. As a Soul Coach I've been spoilt and have been lucky to spend time with her as well as her cards.