Friday, 18 January 2008

I saw an Angel

The other day I was walking around the lake with Trinity.

It was dusk, and the sun was starting to set behind the Brindabellas.

A cool breeze quelled the heat of the day, and the ducks and water hens were getting their babies ready for bed.

Everyone we passed had a smile and a hello for us. It was so peaceful, it was truly magical.

I noticed the sun sky suddenly darken, and I looked up to see the sun had ducked behind a cloud to show me its silver lining.

Stopping to drink in this moment, I marvelled at the beauty I was witnessing.

It was then that I noticed, that the cloud had formed the shape of an angel.

I could see her in profile - her wings, her flowing gown, her beautiful face, even her hair tied back in a pony tail. The rays of the sun forming her aura. It was beautiful, magical ....

Thats when I knew that we're never alone - that our angels are always watching over us.

All the hardships, trials and tribulations that I'd faced in 2007 were over. I could feel the different energy of 2008.

Everything is falling into place ... life is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Mich...I LOVE this!
2007 was sort of a stuck year for me...I need to remember your message here today.
Thanks....and omg...what a beautiful picture!!!

derick said...

mich, i am glad to see the movement--
we are never alone--even if our perceptions lead us to believe we are.
when one realises the connection that one has in life, then the dichotomy disappears all is seen in it's pure essence.

Carmen said...

yes! indeed life is beautiful!