Monday, 21 January 2008


Why do I fight it so hard?
Decluttering my home, my life ...

Its almost as though I want to continue to punish myself
for some misdeed that I can't remember committing.

I've become the queen of procrastination
Living in chaos for the past few weeks,
as I can't finish what I started.

I wonder why I fight happiness
Yes, I do want it to come in to my life
But a part of me resists, why?

I know if I declutter my life
I'll have my space
My life will be lighter

Why do I resist?


Liara Covert said...

Hi Mich,
At this stage, it may be helpful to remind yourself that the Law of Attraction constantly responds to your feelings. So, if you desire to declutter your life, choose to express positive affirmations.

Recognize even if what you sense doesn't immediately change, to choose to feel uplifted and unburdened, is a way to bring your thoughts back in line with who you are. The real you isn't disorganized or cluttered. You are perfect, whole and complete with no worries. On some level, you must imagine imbalance and buy into negative feelings like inadequacy and lack of self-acceptance to begin to believe what you're not. Learn to reverse the process. Discover what you forgot. Write more about what you are, what you hope to rediscover. This will expedite your positive transformation.

amy said...

Maybe you have too much of an ideal outlook on the uncluttered life and so you don't think you deserve that life. Then you keep on with things as they are when if you make a few changes the better life will unfold before you? I am not good with explaining my thoughts on these things. Baby steps are the way to go I think. :) Micromovements.

cherry girl said...

Oh mich, I know exactly what you mean! Baby steps are the way to go, and a list made the evening before with no more than 6 things you want to accomplish the following day (and in the beginning if things are really ropey it can include doing the laundry and brushing your teeth, taking a walk or calling a friend)

Anonymous said...

Oh I can relate!
I'm the same way....I have so much stuff! And yet I am on this perpetual journey of getting things organized and keeping them that way.
Trying to picture living very Zen-like, but it seems I excel at procrastination, not organization.
Keep at it chickie, and I will too!

Jane said...

I'm with Boho here! I spent this past weekend determined to de-clutter and have some self-reflection time. It seriously bothers me that I want things to look better and feel better but I fight against it all the time.

Happy monday, beautiful soul!