Tuesday, 6 November 2007


The last few days have been a turmoil.

I don't know how to explain it. I'm not sure I want to.

Never have I seen such tension in my family, anxiety.

So I turned to the Inner Child Cards for guidance, for the calming wisdom, and I pull the Three of Hearts.

Ancient Goddess worshipers claimed that the creation of the universe stemmed from the mysterious rhythm and magic dance of the deep waters.

Oriental mystics said that the true self, identical to the eternally dancing deity, sides in the cave of the heart.

This connection between the heart and the Higher Self is an important facet in the evolving flow and harmony of life.

In this card, a happy clam sends up bubbles of laughter as a buried treasure chest containing vast riches and jewels rests unopened. Two joyous sea beings frolic to the magical sounds emanating from a shell harp played by a third sea being, a mermaid.

Tantric tradition calls rhythm the sound power or the heartbeat of the absolute. This beating sound is perceptible when one plunges into the depths of consciousness.

The Three of Hearts is a jubilant call, arousing in you the spirit of play, imagination, and eternal friendship.

As you discover the little child who resides in your heart, let your feelings bubble up.

Let this child know how much it is loved and cherished. Honor the intimate dance that you and this child share. Some tears of joy may flow.

The number 3 symolizes the coming together of friends and family. Listen to the music, and don't forget to dance.


Sacred Suzie said...

Perhaps your family is going through a deep transformation and/or period of growth? This can cause tension and anxiety in even the most stable of families? I find holiday season particularly difficult for families plus we're spending more time together because it's getting cold outside. Perhaps it is just a phase? You got the happy family and friendship card so it can't be a permanent issue.

The Dream said...

Families can be trippy, no doubt. Hope you will find peace and joy within the turmoil, and beyond ... it's tough, but it can be done. But you know that.

bella said...

very cool.
Makes me want to find these cards for myself.