Friday, 2 November 2007

For The Dream

Eileen, your card is from Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot. Your Card is No. 2, Sanctuary.

Silence is the Mother of Truth.
Benjamin Disraeli

Soul Message: When each day is sacred; when each hour is sacred; when each instant is sacred; earth and you; space and you; bearing and sacred through time; you’ll reach the fields of light.

Alchemy and Transformation: The High Priestess is pictured in The Triple Goddess Tarot as the Wise Goddess who is pure in spirit.

She wears a ceremonial robe representing spiritual power beyond Her personal identity.

Initiation into Sanctuary requires that you engage with the watery depths of the dark waters of the unconscious.

Out of the unconscious, the conscious world is born.

Awakening to the Archetype - The Priestess: The Priestess becomes reactivated when one chooses to follow the path of inner teachings and opens mysteries of the Sanctuary within.

Pilgrimages to Her holy sanctuaries will help you reconnect with the spiritual resources of the Priestess.

Listen with a cosmic ear. See the world with your eyes closed.

Meditation, prayer, chanting, or any form of stillness will bring you into union with higher aspects of your own being, in body, soul, and spirit, as well as into a conscious relationship with the profundity of daily life.

Everyday Encounters: The Priestess archetype is available to us at all times. When an important decision needs to be made, it is the divine wisdom within that helps us align to right action.

It is the way we walk our life each day that matters most.

Our everyday life is sacred.

As much as possible, introduce a mood of inner quiet into daily life, looking beyond impressions, feelings, and impulses of external reality to cultivate your own higher potentials.


Jane said...

This is a gorgeous card, Mich! I really needed these words today.

Happy Friday!

The Dream said...

Thank you, my spiritual frined. You're absolutely right - I do need to devote more time to meditation and prayer ... the conscious contact. I have been busy for several days running and need to not only pick up where I left off, but to seek to improve. Quiet, as you know, is tough for my extroverted self - wise words, think I'll try to apply them. Thanks again! Love, E.